Category is... Your day your way. I could prattle on about Drag Race for days - Simone Simone-yay? Loved her. But, today is all about this glorious drag race wedding inspiration shoot in Ibiza, captured by Recommended Supplier Stephanie Shenton. This bohemian vogue shoot by Hidden Treasures Ibiza knocked our socks off... and we swiftly went to find our highest heeled red pumps so we could be part of the party. The shoot included grooms and a bride to show how evryone can enjoy the fun of an Ibizan wedding.

A bohemian, colourful shoot representing the colourful hippie vibes of Ibizan history

If this location were a scent, it would be salty Spanish olives, natural sabina wood and fresh orange, all wrapped up in a Joe Malone bottle

Hidden Treasures Ibiza

Drag Race Wedding Inspiration

Being a little alternative fashion crazy myself, I wanted to be modern with the styling. Which works perfectly for a drag race wedding inspired shoot. The boys wore pumps with their suits, the bride wore a 2 piece, and the bridesmaids wore jumpsuits. This incredibly beautiful countryside farmhouse venue, deserved the very best! Again I wanted to show couples they can have a countryside venue but combine the modern look if they wish. 

Boheminan Ibiza Wedding vibes

We went with bright bohemian colours, influenced by the boho-chic colours and tapestries of the renowned Ibiza hippy markets.
The bridesmaids wore jumpsuits from dancing leopard and the celebrant was super extra, in sequins and robes. We even brought in the best caterers in Ibiza, and Heidi, the famous pink VW Camper bus! We really went to town with the creme de la creme of Ibiza wedding venues.


A project to bring the Ibiza wedding industry together, to bring us content, create new relationships, bring in fresh bookings, and keep our couples truly inspired.

In 2020 the wedding industry was brought to its knees. On a tiny island like Ibiza, we depend solely on tourism and trade from outside. Our couples simply could not get to the island, their plans and dreams of a beautiful Balearic wedding were put on hold, and in some cases, completely cancelled.

Hidden Treasures Ibiza

I decided I wouldn't sit around with an out of office on email, and my feet on the coffee table and I created Seven Shoots Of Summer

A project to bring the Ibiza wedding industry together, to bring us content, create new relationships, bring in fresh bookings, and keep our couples truly inspired.7 shoots, 7 venues, 7 blogs...

The project grew and we eventually had over 65 companies involved throughout the series. Each company has gained work and publicity from this project, and the Ibiza wedding industry has been kept alive. Our couples have followed the series and taken inspiration from each shoot, advice from the blogs and have been moved by the images and incredible videos. In total we created 16 shoots... once we started we just couldn't stop

Wow. You've got to have Ru's most well-known saying as part of your decor if you're having a drag race wedding, haven't you? Also, floral umbrella anyone? Move over April Carrion's fringe umbrella from Drag Race season 6. We should probably talk about that vibrant table set up too! We absolutely love the purples and oranges.

If you'd like to see more of the Seven Shoots of summer content you can visit Hidden Treasures Ibiza. And don't forget, all together now... if you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else? Can I get a drag race wedding up in here?!

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Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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Project: 7 Shoots Of Summer | Wedding Planner & Stylist: Hidden treasures Ibiza | Venue: Cangall Weddings | Stephanie Shenton: Photographer | Munay Photographer: Second Photographer | Hair & Makeup: The House of Bellissima | Videography: Infin8 Images | Male Grooming: Natalie Wood | Florals, arches, crowns: Marbin Flowers | Catering: The chef | Seamstress: The Steamstress Ibiza | Jewelerry: Charlotte's web | Bridal Two Piece: Jaro London | Celebrant: Elevate Ibiza | Celebrant Cape: Hellavagirl | Veil: The Wedding Veil Shop | Bridesmaids Jumpsuits: Dancing Leopard | Singers: Rebecca Gamboa | Pink VW: Pink Bus Events | Groom: Melo, Scott | Bride: Hayley | Bridesmaid: Lauren | Hanging Acrylic Sign: Event Styling Ibiza

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