This elopement wedding Lake District is honestly perfection! Emily & Alex always knew they didn’t want a big wedding, as the idea was stressful. So, they did exactly what they wanted! The vibe of their day was intimate, wild and relaxed. They explored nature and made their way effortlessly through each moment. Their families wrote letters that they read at breakfast, and they spent their evening cuddling on the sofa at their cottage. Remember, your day is all about you, do what makes you and your partner happy! 

Elopement wedding Lake District with private chef and countryside photoshoot 

Eloping means intentionally create an intimate wedding experience, that is a true reflection of your relationship. The focus of the day is on you two, and adventure.

Emily & Alex


We are both free spirits, with a huge love for mother heart. I always had a thing for everything connected with nature, magic, spiritualism, so my idea was to have something close to that vibe and style. The inspiration came from Instagram/Pinterest, and a little from a course I am following to become elopement photographer.


For Alex it was the first look and the ring exchange. Not because of the romantic moment - I actually panicked! I could not remember which finger the ring went on. Luckily, he got a tattoo on it, (a circle all around, made for the occasion), and I said out loud “thank God you put a sign on it”


For all the couple in the world living in this complicated time: if you want, you can do it! It really can be simple. Your wedding day is about you two, committing to each other for life. You can always organise something later to celebrate with family and friends, and it will be awesome. 

We love that Emily & Alex made their day all about their relationship; what they love and the love they have for one another - beautiful! 

Don’t panic. Everything will be fine. Maybe not as perfect as you were imagining, but it will be lovely all the same! Don’t focus on the detail during the day, but live in the moment as it is.

Emily & Alex

If this stunning elopement wedding Lake District has got you thinking about leaving the world behind for your big day, then stick around. Check out this incredible Iceland elopement, with a sequin Suzanne Harward dress. Or how about a little boho vibe at the Castle Ashby? We’ve got something for everyone if you’re looking to make it all about you - and we love that! 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Videographer: Wild Heart Films | Bridal Gown: Bibiluxe | Shoes: Celtic & Co | Catering: Pairo Forooshani | Florist: Brackens Of Bowness | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Amy Brown

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