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Embellished ‘Astraea’ Ritual by Brooke Tyson Bridal Gown on the Scottish Highlands

Get ready for your jaw to hit the floor when you see the incredibly dreamy ‘Astraea’ Ritual by Brooke Tyson bridal gown glistening on the moody Scottish Highlands. The embellishment and bell sleeve details are SO on trend and just crying out to be pinned. Plus the romantic flowers in sultry pink and white tones are out of this world. Fingers at the ready folks. You know what to do.

Celestial Vale

Bonnie Jenkins: Scotland holds a special place in my heart. 16 years ago I called Edinburgh my home as an exchanged student studying photography. It fuelled my love for travel but also sparked my creative mind as I fell in love with the rugged landscapes of the Scottish highlands. Fast track to today and I find myself exploring this landscape with fellow creative, Nat from Heavenly Blooms. Heavenly blooms and I have been fortunate enough to find ourselves creating in some pretty incredible locations together, but Scotland was at the top of our wish list. Nat also spent some of her youth here and has returned today as she has fallen back in love with her Scottish childhood sweetheart. I couldn’t think of anyone better to explore the creative possibilities of such a captivating landscape. Nat has a true sense of place in her floral creations, they seem to blend and yet contrast with the surroundings as though they have been freshly plucked from nearby. Drawing inspiration by the wildflowers she encountered on her walks in Scotland, in particular, the cowslip flower. Our connection to nature and the wild parts of the world is fully explored in this shoot.

Embellished ‘Astraea’ Ritual by Brooke Tyson Bridal Gown

We had hoped for some dreary weather to add to the overall feel of the ethereal and moody shoot, which was delivered on cue. The dress, ‘Astraea’ ‘Ritual by Brooke Tyson, could not have been more perfect for our vision, adding movement, timeless quality and a bit of sparkle to the landscape.

Ana our model was beautifully raw and edgy, at home in her wild country. Overall the shoot is a celebration of a new chapter in both myself and Nat’s work and life, by revisiting our past and exploring our aesthetics in the new yet familiar highlands. Here’s to more adventures in this magical part of the world.

Photography by Bonnie Jenkins
Author: Lorna Shaw
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