At the end of last year I attended a fabulous wedding planning course, Planning Redefined, hosted by the incredible Katrina Otter of Katrina Otter Weddings & Lisa Johnson of Carmela Weddings (more about that here). The final day of the workshop was all about creating a styled shoot. Today we're sharing the beautiful images with you all but also discussing the importance of styled wedding content for the industry. Kat & Lisa had invited Sundari & Andri (The Wedding Stylist & Always Andri Wedding Design) to talk to students about how to create a styled shoot and where to draw influences from. The answers being 1. be super organised and 2. from everywhere that inspires you ;) But in all seriousness, whether you're dreaming of becoming a wedding planner or stylist, or whether you're planning your own wedding and hoping to create a visually stunning day - there's something for everyone to learn below...
Sundari - The Wedding Stylist: Inspired by the architecture of the space and pulling from the weathered textures of the walls, furnishings I was immediately sent to the old world interiors of France and crumbling chateaus of Bordeaux. Looking into French home interiors there is a lot of metal and old wooden textures, with pale tones and elements of stone as well as damaged or deckled structures. By looking into home dressing inspiration first - it helps create an atmosphere and immediately set the end visual goal to focus in on and come back to, rather than always pulling from pre-tailored wedding inspiration. This also keeps your design moving towards the unexpected and allows for you to create something only you could visualise. I personally often look into pieces of literature, music, mythology or even real relationships to draw a story from to create an editorial and that is usually where I begin when designing. The initial ideas gauged from the space helped create the muted colour palette which also was helped by the season in which the shoot took place, winter. I knew there would not be a lot of floral abundance so allowed Verity & Thyme to take the original inspiration and story we’d created and put her own creative flair into her work. For our Bride muse, we pulled from real life actress Clemence Posey with her soft spoken voice and wild soul. We imagined an artists getting married within the JJ Studio space and whilst having the formality of a bridal gown, we envisioned her going barefoot and being quite playful with her relaxed style. This meant when selecting a model we knew what we were looking for.
So why is styled content important? For a brand, creating a styled shoot allows you to express visually what your brand is all about - this helps couples decide whether they want to work with you or not, so it's really important in attracting the clients you love. For brides, styled content allows you to see what a wedding supplier is capable of creating. Often a styled shoot is more reflective of their creativity than a real wedding, as this is where they get to call the shots, rather than the client. Styled shoots allow industry people to work together and use venues which is great for forming fabulous relationships - the kind that make planning your wedding easy. And not only that, but they produce gorgeous imagery to help inspire us all with ideas for our own wedding days. If you'd like to attend a Planning Redefined workshop then you can sign up for the newsletter here to be the first to hear about 2018 course dates. And if you'd like to see more stunning styled content to inspire you, then here are some links to incredible content styled by some of the very best in the business...The Luxe Edit from Coco & Kat and Blushing from The Wedding Stylist, both of which were two of our most pinned shoots from 2017.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Workshop: Planning Redefined | Design & Styling: The Wedding Stylist | Planning & Coordination: Always Andri Wedding Design | Floral Design: Verity & Thyme | Tableware: Duchess & Butler | Chairs: Wed Head | Stationery: Betty Lou Design | Wedding Dress: Sienna Von Hildemar | Make Up: Gabija Butkiene | Hair: Gintare Rarivanaite | Model: Ieva | Venue: JJ Media Group | via : Coco Wedding Venues
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