First Look for an Outdoor Destination Wedding in Tuscany with Wooden Signs and Lace Wedding Dress, shot by Federica Cavicchi Photography Pin Image

First Look for an Outdoor Destination Wedding in Tuscany with Wooden Signs and Lace Wedding Dress

If heaven were a place on earth, I think Tuscany would have a good claim to it. Rolling hills, winding roads and cypress trees make for the most picturesque backdrop which, when combined with amazing food and stunning Renaissance architecture, is enough to make your heart skip a beat at every turn – and that’s before you’ve even said your vows! Katrina & Mark’s wedding has that magical quality that only the Italian landscape provides: a classical romance made modern in the stunning setting of Casa Cornacchi. I love the fairytale feel created by the soft textures of the bride’s beautiful lace Essense of Australia dress and the gorgeous drapery hung across the altar and behind the top table. Further romance comes in the form of first look photos, stunning blush and burgundy florals, and beautiful calligraphy signage and stationery, as well as the confetti moment with guests throwing eucalyptus leaves.



“Getting married in Italy was not initially in our plans, but once we started looking for venues we felt like having a smaller destination wedding was more in line with what we were looking for, an intimate setting where we could spend more quality time with the people we love. The vibe of the day felt like a small family gathering – only in one of the most magical of settings! The style of our day was ‘rustic elegance’ and consisted of unstructured flower arrangements, lots of greenery, candles, and a colour palette of dusty blush, green and pops of burgundy.” – Katrina & Mark

First Look

First look photos are a big deal in America, offering an intimate moment between the bride and groom, standing on the cusp of their new lives as husband and wife. If you are likely to feel emotional ahead of getting wed (who isn’t), scheduling some first look photos might be worth considering, allowing you a moment of privacy with your partner to take everything in and compose yourself for the ceremony. Plus, we’ve never seen a first look photo which doesn’t give us goosebumps (case in point: look at Katrina & Mark’s faces as they first glimpse each other), so chances are these shots will be those you hang on your walls for years to come.



“Do your best to ensure the details of your wedding day are authentic to you as a couple. You don’t want to feel like a stranger at your own wedding! Don’t feel the need to follow the ‘cookie cutter’ outline of a traditional wedding – there really are no rules. We would highly recommend a smaller, more intimate (and even destination) wedding as it changes the dynamics of the entire experience. Wedding days go by so fast, and it’s nice to have the extra time to take it all in and spend more quality time with the people you love most.” – Katrina & Mark

We know that the confetti toss is one of the most important – and fun – moments of any wedding day, heralding your status as newlyweds (and offering a great photo opportunity). We love how Katrina & Mark walk back down the aisle under a shower of eucalyptus leaves, which look stunning in their Tuscan setting (and must have smelt amazing). They also prove that confetti comes in all shapes and sizes; how about a confetti cannon, dried petals courtesy of RMW recommended supplier Shropshire Petals or a DIY confetti cone station for your own ceremony exit?

Photography by Federica Cavicchi Photography
Author: Victoria Honan
Editorial Assistant Victoria fell in love with the world of weddings after planning her own (in only 6 months!) in 2018. She thinks being a bride – and a wife – are the best titles going (although is still getting used to her new name).

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  1. Lovely photos, lovely wedding, lovely Bride, handsome Groom! It was great to be there and enjoy it with you.

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