The humble ladder. All of us know a neglected, paint-splattered one, hidden away in the depths of a garage or shed, covered in cobwebs. Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to give him a new lease of life and show him a party to remember. For starters, it's FREE and if you're having a rustic wedding, the more rough and ready it is, the better. And on the other hand, it can easily be sanded and painted to create a more elegant look. Here are five gorgeous and ingenious ways we've seen ladders styled for your big day...


If your venue has gorgeous walls but lots of them, then break things up by leaning a ladder against one of them and adorning it with flowers. I defy anything to not look gorgeous covered in blooms and it makes a really lovely backdrop for photographs too, almost like a DIY photo booth but without the props...and the booth. If your having a marquee and want to add some drama above the tables, then consider hanging ladders horizontally and let your florist loose on creating some stunning hanging arrangements. This is definitely one for an experienced floral and marquee/tent team though. Wedding Decor & Styling Ladders Using Greenery & Foliage


Using photographs as wedding decor is a great talking point for guests. Whether you display wedding photographs of your relatives, images of you with the guests themselves, or include photographs of people who have sadly passed away, imagery always adds a truly personal touch. And as you can see in our gallery, you don't always need frames, string and pretty pegs do the job perfectly too. Wedding Decor & Styling Ladders With Bright Flowers

Table Plan

The perfect way to display your table plan - a ladder is essentially a ready-made frame, with height, so guests can easily identify where they are sitting. The style and colour can be incorporated into the rest of your wedding vibe and it's an easy way to fill space in the entrance to your reception room or marquee while guiding people on where they need to sit.


Displaying wedding favours in a designated area frees up much-needed space on the tables for essentials like wine and flowers (hahaha) and creates a sweet little area for guests to properly look at them. If you've sweated over a hot stove or folded paper until your fingers bled to make those bad boys, then you want some appreciation!!! Wedding Decor & Styling Ladders How To Personalise Your Wedding Decor

Dessert & Drinks Station

Becoming increasing more popular - dessert and drinks stations continue to delight guests across the land and also make serving food and drink a breeze. Whether you're having a rustic 'Wedding Bake Off' or an elegant Champagne bar, using a ladder to display cakes and glasses adds height to what could end up looking like a boring buffet table. So there you have it, ladders aren't going anyway when it comes to wedding decor. Dig them out of the shed and give them a new lease of life! Scrub up well don't they?!

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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