Flowers can be a huge part of any wedding, big or small. It's probably the one day of your life where you get to carry around a beautiful bouquet, have flowers in your hair and adorn practically every area around you with beautiful blooms. So why not make the most of it? When it comes to choosing a wedding florist, though - where on earth do you start? Most people love fresh flowers but have little idea of names and varieties, or what is in season and when.  Given that the starting price for wedding flowers is around £1000, you need to think carefully about choosing your wedding florist.

Why Hire A Wedding Florist?

Some couples will decide to do their own flowers. While this is (occasionally) a cheaper option, it is by no means an easy undertaking. Your florist will source, buy and collect the flowers you want - often this means ridiculously early trips to flower markets, negotiating with sellers, and having to make last-minute decisions on changing the blooms because certain flower heads haven't opened. You want your flowers to look as fresh as possible and to last as long as possible. Your wedding florist will know the optimum time to put together your bouquet, buttonholes, and arrangements so that they look perfect for you. This often means working late into the night for a few days before the wedding. Creating beautiful floral arrangements takes a LOT of time. Cutting stems to size, wiring flowers, putting them into the display (whether it's a floral crown for a bridesmaid or a centerpiece for the top table) takes much longer than you would think.

Flowers are quite a bulky and delicate thing to transport. Your wedding florist will deliver the bouquets and buttonholes to you on the morning of your wedding and will deliver the arrangements to your venue - usually in a specially fitted van - where the flowers stay fresh and safe. Florists also know where certain arrangements look best and they know not to place a display full of fragile petals next to a heater. They will also be able to help with any emergencies such as squashed buttonholes and often have reserve stems on board in case anything goes awry.

How To Choose Your Wedding Florist

Look at as many wedding florists as you can - follow them on Instagram - this often gives you a great insight into how they work too. There are spectacularly talented wedding florists all over the country creating beautiful work. Don't be fooled into thinking they are all big city dwellers.  Have a look at our Rock My Wedding Recommended suppliers to find great florists all across the country.

Create a shortlist of wedding florists and meet with them. Show them your Pinterest boards, your dress, your venue etc. Share your vision with them. See how they respond, see what ideas they come up with and see whether you can work with them. Don't feel obligated to book them if it doesn't feel right. Make sure you look at lots of the florist's work, not just one wedding, to get an idea of their style. It's important to remember that, although the florist will be working to your brief,  a florist is a creative person and will produce their best work when they are working within their style. Some people would choose a wedding florist that has a very structured style, some may choose a florist with a more wildflower/boho approach, some may prefer a florist that makes the most wonderful classic bouquets. Have a think about the general style of your day and look for a wedding florist that shares your vision. 

How To Save Money On Your Flowers

  • Make sure you know how much you've budgeted for blooms and let your wedding florist know. Perhaps discuss a range you would like to stay within. This will give room for creativity but offers a limit that your florist must not go over.
  • Try looking for aspiring florists. Often younger people working for high street florists are looking to expand their portfolio and will do freelance work. Try looking at local floristry courses and flower schools too.
  • Use seasonal blooms. It really does make a difference. And obviously, it creates a more natural, seasonal look. Your wedding florist will be able to advise on this and if you've got your heart set on a certain flower but it's just not practical for the time of year, they will be able to suggest something else.
  • If you want to take a blended approach, hire a florist for the bouquets and anything that you want to look particularly spectacular and do the rest yourself. Wedding florists won't be offended by this at all. 
  • Use herbs in table displays, use fewer flowers and more foliage. Look at different options for decorating the tables - candles, ribbons, vintage jars, bottles, and books. 

And finally, people generally book their florist about six months before the big day. But if you've got your heart set on someone in particular... book them as soon as you can. Have a look at Rock My Wedding Recommended wedding florists to get an idea of styles and create a shortlist of those in your area.   

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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