This French wedding inspiration has been giving us a lot to smile about this afternoon. From the beautiful pastel hues to the picturesque setting we can't help but scream "Mais oui, Mais oui" at every last detail and capture Peaches & Cream Weddings, and the talented Matthieu Bondon Photography have portrayed for us today. Enjoy lovely ones, it's a goodie.


A pastel romantic theme with touches of luminous modern coral.


"We selected a variety of pastel hues, adding a pop of vibrant coral in order to give this timeless, romantic photoshoot a hint of modernity. The stunning Chateau de Malliac, in Gascony, France offered us a perfect backdrop for this idyllic shoot envisioned by seasoned professionals: Amy Fear and Laurence Beal founders of Peaches & Cream Weddings, and the talented Matthieu Bondon as photographer. For the table, we chose to mix together gold, silver and copper tones, deep blue and soft teal in order to work out an unexpected non-traditional look: the perfect combination between shiny metal and muted. This is the edge that gives character to your table setting. The unstructured nature of our centerpiece, beautifully prepared by Poppy Figue, adds to the relaxed yet refined style we all strove for. The stationery conceived by Rose from Paris en Rose is actually made of natural seeds that can be planted back into the ground - a lovely concept for earth lovers. Finally, the dessert cake brings this shoot together: soft, pastel pink (with always yummy chocolate inside), silver metallic candle holders, and a pop of deep coral flowers." - Matthieu Bondon

French Wedding Inspiration

France is renowned for its romantic cities, picturesque scenery and historical landmarks, not to mention their chic fashion and elegance, which is everything this French wedding inspiration at Chateau de Malliac encompasses. Just check out those delicate lace sleeves on the bridal gown. SOO dreamy! And who doesn't want to dine al fresco with a table full of pastel pretty? I know I do.


"Francesca, our model, is looking so fresh wearing a semi backless dress, adorned with lace details on the sleeves and along the back: simple and elegant. Her rosy cheeks enhanced by Julia Marty, make-up artist, we framed by tousled hair, gently pulled back in a messy bun by hair dresser Carole Daria, carrying over our theme of blending modern and classic." - Matthieu Bondon

I'd be surprised if you didn't pin the bridal updo, as let's face it, it's absolutely gorgeous! As are these 70+ wedding hair ideas we put together earlier. You're welcome.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Styling & Planning: Peaches & Cream Weddings | Venue: Château de Malliac | Florist: Poppy Figue | Wedding Cake: Cupcakes 16 | Stationery: Paris en Rose | Tableware: Options Bordeaux | Wedding Dress & Shoes: Croque Lune | Hair: Carole Daria | Makeup Artist: Julia Marty | Model: Francsca Wilson

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