My husband is a huge cufflink fan. Give him any beautifully crafted pieces and he's a happy man. There is something about them that just brings a certain something to your outfit and it's lovely to have pairs that remind you of certain occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary or your wedding day. It's those little details that really help make an outfit and it's only fair that the groom gets to really make his outfit his own. We all know that when it comes to the wedding day, very often there’s only one person who can be the centre of attention – the bride. Seeing as she will be wearing a beautiful new dress, stunning jewellery and accessories, it’s only fair that the groom gets a little something special on the wedding day to help him stand out of the crowd and show off his personality through his wedding attire. It's also good to remember that it’s not just the bride who likes a little romance – a surprise gift for the groom on the wedding morning can set the mood for the day and make him feel loved and appreciated.

Exchanging wedding gifts from groom to bride is a romantic tradition many couples observe with sentimental and meaningful items that they can treasure for many happy anniversaries. But when a couple will be getting many different wedding gifts, what can a bride give to her groom to commemorate their special day? There are many options for the groom’s gift, but never underestimate the appeal of something small but meaningful to your man. A bespoke men's jewellery surely will be an awesome (and practical) idea. So let's introduce FEINFEIN - a quality, personalized men’s jewellery brand who, since 2012, have been proudly creating modern sterling silver cufflinks, tie clips and other men's accessories for customers all over the globe. With FEINFEIN you can choose to custom-create pieces that fit with your style, like cufflinks designed with individual initials and tie bars crafted from individual shapes of your choosing. Pieces can be customised with a wedding date, coordinates or any handwritten text. Each and every FEINFEIN product is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, hallmarked and elegantly packed. FEINFEIN pieces not only can make a great gift for the groom but also can make a perfect thank you keepsake for his groomsmen or fathers. Exchanging a gift is a romantic way to express love, appreciation and romance for each other. In the world of weddings – where so much focus goes to momentary things – FEINFEIN aiming to be a part of couple's life forever. They make things that are meant to last. Things to be a loving gesture that will not soon be forgotten. No matter how many anniversaries a couple shares.

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Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

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