If you're hungry you may want to look away now, because, we're about to show you some delicious graze tables. Not only are they visually stunning, but we have it on good authority they tasted amazing too. With golden hour portraits, stylish bridal wear and festoon lights adding to the delights of this alfresco inspiration. The captures by, Recommended supplier, Laura Martha Photography will have you rethinking your European trip knowing you can celebrate like this right here in the UK.

Vinyard inspiration right here in the UK with graze tables providing a feast for the senses.

I was driving home one day, and on my drive through the countryside I passed a beautiful vineyard! I decided that I wanted to create a wedding that couples would initially think was a wedding in France or Italy, but would be surprised that it was actually within the UK. Something that many couples love, and I wholeheartedly encourage, graze tables. I adore the alfresco dining, the sparkling wine and the chatter of all our loved ones.

Laura Martha Photography


The styling for this editorial was inspired by a European dreamscape. We wanted to use organic textures, fresh botanicals, and timeless decor to pay homage to the romance and poetic history that this gorgeous continent has in abundance. We also loved the idea of surprising the viewer and delighting them with the unexpected realisation that this luscious vineyard and blazing sunshine had in fact taken place in the English countryside of Hampshire.


Our colour palette featured golden details, burgundies, and ageing green hues, all in harmony with this enchanting setting for an intimate soiree. The tablescape is filled with textural rawness. The crumbling bread and scents of rosemary, the handcrafted menus and frayed napkins, and the foliage lining centre of the table. We included non-traditional flowers like oversized proteas, hypericum berries, and cascading amaranthus, which echo a contemporary mood reminiscent of avant-garde Italian fashion designers.

Authentic European charm and relaxed vibes right here in the UK.

This beautiful vineyard shoot was created by planner and stylist Valentina from The Stars Inside, and photographer Laura from Laura Martha Photography. On the hottest day in the year, we woke before 5 am to create styling that celebrated sunshine in the British countryside and feasting with our friends and family.

Laura Martha Photography

Summer days are coming, alfresco dining, graze tables and love ones. Not only are grazing boards a feast for the eyes, but they are a feast for the taste buds too. Read our article explaining why we love them!

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Co Planning & Photography : Laura Martha Photography | Co Planner: The Stars Inside | Styling Assistant: Illy Elizabeth Wedding | Venue: Three Choirs Vineyard | Hair & Makeup: Katy Djokic | Stationery: Laura Elizabeth Partrick | Cake: Holly Clarke Cake Design | Menswear: Tailor Made | Florist: Iris & Co | Lighting & Props: To Have & To Hire Events | Chairs: Jollies Commercial Furniture | Scented Candles: By Laura Scented Candles | Ribbon + Craft: Nettle & Silk | Floral Earrings: DecorFlowers | Models: Mandy, Dominic Chapman

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