Welcome to the ultimate guide for planning the perfect hen do and creating memories that are made to last a lifetime. Whether you're the bride-to-be or the maid of honour, navigating hen party planning can be a whirlwind of excitement and difficult decisions. Fear not, we've curated the essential hen do checklist to ensure every detail, from the sassy sashes to the Insta-worthy cocktails, is flawlessly executed. Our downloadable hen do checklist is complete with tips to ensure a stress-free hen party that runs smoothly! So grab your clipboard, unleash your inner party planner, and let's create a celebration that's as unique and fabulous as the bride herself! 

Plan the perfect hen party in 30 steps with our hen do checklist 

4-6 Months Out - Figuring Out the Basics

  • Consult the bride
  • Make a guest list (and a Group Chat)
  • Agree on the hen party budget
  • Pick a date and send save the dates
  • Get researching into themes and locations (especially if abroad) 


3 Months Out - Planning and Booking

  • Decide on the hen party type and theme
  • Draft a hen-do agenda
  • Book the venue and/or accommodation
  • Book group activities and reserve any restaurants/bars (don’t forget dietary requirements)
  • Arrange for catering and other services
  • Keep an eye on the price (make sure you cover the cost of the bride and leave contingency for any cancellations - any money left over can go on bubbly) 


2 Months Out – Polish the Plan

  • Check in with the guests and send the itinerary 
  • Confirm all the bookings (especially if some hens have to book transport themselves)
  • Take care of the booze 
  • Organise the hen party decor using our hen party theme ideas
  • Request anything you need for a hen book for the bride 
  • Collect a deposit from all of the hens if you haven’t done so already 


1 Month Out – Get Crafty

  • Pick up the decor and sort out goodie bags for the hens
  • Craft any DIY items - the hen book, flower crowns, sunglasses etc.


Two Weeks To Go – It’s The Final Countdown

  • Download our hen party playlist 
  • Collect the final balance of the money
  • Find some fun games to play in case you need to fill any gaps in time 
  • Send out a reminder if the hens need to wear something in particular and any packing essentials if the hen is abroad


One Week To Go – Get Ready to (Hen) Party

  • Pack the essentials
  • Don't forget to tell the bride where she needs to be and what she needs to bring
  • Reiterate meeting points, when you’ll be eating etc. 
  • Have some pamper time on your own or with the hens 


The Day Of - It’s Ladies Night

  • Have a good time (and make sure others do, too)
  • Set up the games, activities, food, and decor 
  • Ensure your bride is relaxed and happy

the ultimate hen do checklist

Your dream hen party is just 30 steps away...

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Does a bride pay for her own hen do?

Although this is dependent on your friend group and what it is you plan to do for the hen party, it’s generally expected that the bride does not pay for himself, so it’s customary for the other hens to help out with the cost and split it between them. 

How do you make a hen do special?

The easiest way to make a hen do special is by choosing an activity that the bride loves or has always wanted to do. It’s also about upgrading run-of-the-mill activities like going to the pub by dressing up in something fun. You can take a look at our hen-do theme ideas for some inspiration! 

How many people is too many for a hen do?

The average size of a hen do is generally between 12-16 people as anything over that can get pretty complicated to plan. With that being said, it’s also entirely dependent on the size of the respective friend group. Perhaps something intimate with just the bride and her three closest friends is something she’d prefer. 

Should a hen do be a surprise?

It really depends on the personality of the bride - if she likes surprises then it’s a fun way to make the hen do a surprise but at the same time, it’s also important to consult the bride and make sure the activity you’re planning is something that she wants to do. If you’re planning a holiday abroad you could tell the bride you’re going to one country but you’re actually going somewhere else! This way, the bride will be completely prepared for a trip away but still surprised by the destination! 

How long before a wedding is a hen do? 

The tradition really varies but our advice is to plan the hen party for 4-6 weeks before the wedding. This way, you avoid any last-minute stresses by being too close to the wedding.

Become the best party planner with this downloadable hen do checklist

Now, if you’ve come to our hen do checklist, it’s likely that you’ve already decided what you’ll be doing for the hen but if you do need some more inspiration on what to do or some games to play, you should check out our hen party ideas. Need some help with the goodie bags? Take a look at our bridesmaid gift ideas

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