The lovely Lyndsey Anne Photography was inspired by the beautiful Scottish highlands natural tones, beautiful scenery and tranquility and fused all this together to plan and photograph a gorgeous highland bride elopement shoot. The brides needle and thread floral gown, oversized bouquet and flower crown look incredible against the woodland setting, and the dappled light breaking through the trees looks magical. This low key inspiration really does prove that sometimes less really is more.


Lyndsey the Photographer: This has been a dream come true shoot for me. My mum was born and raised in Scotland but had me in the states. Growing up I always spent my summers living with my relatives there. Even though I grew up mostly in the states, Scotland has always been my home away from home. This shoot was really a reflection of what I envision for my special day. I am lucky enough to be part of so many weddings, some with quite imaginative themes, buy I really wanted to scale back the "expectations" and showcase this authentic, free highland bride. Have her fit her surroundings and pull inspiration from a glimpse of what weddings may have been like in the true highland days. Getting away from society and escaping to the hills of Scotland. Decorate her in beautiful wild flowers. Clothe her in a very non traditional dress(es) that fit the theme of this highland elopement. Allowing nature to be the greatest backdrop to their love story. This was an epic collaboration as well! I am moving to Scotland soon and wanted to team up with artists whom I felt could grasp my vision! We spent the day exploring bits of Loch Lomond. You really don’t have to go far for beauty in Scotland! Our first location was near Gartmore Village. We then went to Aberfoyle Falls and ended the day up at Duke’s Pass. Just days before most of the roads we were on were shut down from bad snow storms (Beast from the East!!) so we were very fortunate! However, because of that everything was extremely quiet and still. Just the way I wanted it! It was amazing to have this feeling of crisp, cool air almost come through some of the photos as well as the warmth from their love.


Because I wanted everything simplified I asked Kate to keep her hair wild and natural to fit the theme. In addition, keep Ruth’s makeup natural to show off her true, authentic beauty.


Natasha blew me away with her floral creations. Nothing beats a free/highland bride like a large wild flower bouquet and delicate head piece. We both knew we wanted to go for this moody, dark theme with the rich greens and the browns. Therefore, we wanted something to pop that would draw the audience in. It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful landscape. We didn’t want to outdo the scenery but match its majesty and nostalgia.


It was a true honour to use Ebba’s beautiful pieces of art for jewellery. Again, nothing too exotic. Simple yet intricate. I chose the dresses because they equally, yet differently, gave me the vibe I wanted. The floral dress was meant to stand out in the deep, dark woods. Showcase the sense of wild like love with her wild floral dress. With the light green cape dress, I wanted to have Ruth blend more into her surroundings. Go back to a traditional wedding dress, yet still non traditional with the colour and cape.

Final Thoughts

This shoot brought me so much emotion and joy! Emotion because this has been the wedding I have always dreamed of having and joy of seeing my vision come to life. In addition, the fact that I got to be able to capture it was nothing short of amazing.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Florals: Natasha Bell with Tupelo Tree | Floral Dress: Needle and Thread | Green Cape Maxi Dress: ASOS | Jewellery: Ebba Goring | Hair & Makeup: Kate Elliot-Muir | Couple: Ruth Woodcock and Nic Minaur
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