Now there is no denying we love the hydrangea wedding flowers in vibrant blues and purples at this intimate elopement shoot, but a  burger and chips wedding breakfast is something we can definitely get on board with! The bright florals and rustic venue were the perfect backdrops for this rock and roll couple who donned biker boots and a leather jacket and took to their motorbike for some fun portraits! Every detail had been carefully considered, from the gorgeous stationery to the menu, it was all simply stunning and a step away from traditional!

Hydrangea Wedding Flowers and Bike Boots for Intimate Elopement Shoot

Every couple deserves to feel free and to be themselves during their big day, and this is the basic idea of this project. Eleonora and Valentina from Wevents have no limits. With them every bride can feel creative and give life to any idea without be afraid of being far from the classical wedding must and guidelines. From the beginning, we had to face a challenge with the palette as the colors were so cold and not matching. As a matter of fact, it is not easy to combine purple, blue, black and green, but the amazing Davide Salzano, the floral designer, came out with something really unique. He used particular flowers like black orchid and purple palms; he put them together in such a wise and meticulous manner in order to create something both modern and classy but very rock-inspired at the same time.

Eleonora Garlaschè

What can we say about the wedding dress then? It was really glamourous, created by the Italian Designer Stefania Rotundo. The couple was a really unconventional one so why couldn’t we match a pair of Doctor Martin boots and a studded leather jacket? As we know the details matter more than ever, these for sure added that magic touch. In order to better represent their rocking souls, we put together something really strong and particular, dedicated to all the couples who want to rock and let the party start.

Eleonora Garlaschè

Leather Bridal Jacket with Hydrangea Wedding Flowers with Fast Food Wedding Breakfast

The amazing Farumi party service, indeed, presented a brilliant idea: a 100% personalized food bag for the after-party, with themed prints and texts. The inspiration here came from the amazing stationery from Lafil Design, an Italian graphic designer who knows how to grab your souls and put them into meaningful handmade drawings and projects. Aren't you always hungry after dancing and drinking with your friends all night? No better solution than french fries and hamburgers with your names on them! Don’t you think? Especially if they came along with colored and flavored drinks, like the ones from Drink Caravan and more, what could we ask then?

Eleonora Garlaschè

The Hydrangea wedding flowers provide the perfect pops of colour for this intimate elopement shoot. If you are struggling to decide between Roses or Peonies or not sure whether to go for a delicate ball bouquet or rustic wildflowers, then you have come to the right place because we have a whole podcast episode dedicated to these very decisions. With a florist expert joining Becky and Charlotte, there is no stone unturned in this wedding flower chat!

Imogen Read

Written by Imogen Read

Planner & Stylist: Wevents | Flowers: Davide Salzano | Makeup Artist: Greta Valesin | Bride Dress Designer: Stefania Rotundo | Hair Stylist: Cristina Zanatta | Venue: Cascina Castelletto | Favours: GinAro | Ribbon: Allegoria Textile | Stationery: Lafil Design | Drinks: Drink & More | Food: Farumi Party

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