We don't share boudoir style shoots very often on RMW, mainly because the styling is never quite right and usually they are off-limits, a 'for your eyes only' scenario - which is exactly how they should be. But on this occasion, we've made an exception, because these images from Lovers Love Loving are just TOO pretty not to share...and the focus here is on Bridal prep and getting ready. Those treasured few hours spent preening and preparing to marry your loved one. There's also some gorgeous hair and make up inspiration from top Ibiza stylist Jessie May Young and simply stunning headpieces from Spanish brand Ani Burech (seriously, head over to their website once you've enjoyed this shoot, there are some VERY covetable pieces).

Getting Ready

Claudia at Lovers Love Loving: Intimacy is a story about expectations, about a dream coming true, it's the wait to the big union moment. A bride getting ready for her wedding day is one of the most intimate moments, wedding lingerie tells a story. One of my favourite moments of a wedding, as a wedding photographer, is when she is getting ready, she is so happy, her eyes are sparkling, everything is yet to come and it’s a kind of ritual. I love when the bride dresses with some wedding lingerie and a kimono to get ready. It’s a moment of intimacy, even if there are several people sharing this moment with her, something in her eyes told us she is living her own magic moment...and I LOVE this! Wedding lingerie is also one of the main characters in an other of the most important moments in a wedding day. The after. After everyone left, after all the dancing, and all the laughing and all the champagne, it’s just the two of you and your love story and all your feelings and passion. There’s no one there, you can say it's not your wedding anymore but it’s your marriage and your love. And that is THE BEST.

The Inspiration

Feelings inspire me and those intimate moments made me shoot these pictures with the beautiful Megan and Jessie as a hair and make up artist; who made two awesome hair and make up styles. The first one is virgin inspired, topped with an amazing tiara designed by Ani Bürech. Megan was wearing a beautiful kimono from Charo Ruiz. (I’m in love with this kimono!!!) In the second outfit Megan was wearing a incredibly subtle coat, also from Charo Ruiz. Jessie created an amazing braid full of white flowers and created an unforgettable eye make up look, that made a stunning visage that I’m in love with. I loved playing with transparencies with the coat and a veil.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Hair & Make Up: Jessie May Young | Clothes & Underwear: Charo Ruiz Ibiza | Tiara: Ani Burech
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