When a Jeep wedding car is involved… you know it’s going to be good. Due to COVID cancelling their original plans, Ashley & Kris made their way to the mountains of Montana. With music pumping during their journey up there, a few pints at the top, and popping (well, slicing), a bottle of champagne, we absolutely love the vibes they’re bringing! There’s nothing like doing things your way - Ashley & Kris are without a doubt the perfect example of this.

Jeep wedding car & ceremony in the mountains of Montana overlooking Glacier National Park

Aundrea Marie Photography. We placed our trust in her and she knocked it out. Renting the coolest Jeeps, knowing the right dirt path to traverse and getting the perfect organic shots.

Ashley & Kris


Super chill! It was a dusty and bumpy ride up, whilst jamming to music from the speakers. Cold & windy atop the mountain - but nothing the warm hearts of family and a couple of pints couldn’t overcome!


The best stories about your wedding won’t be from the plans, layout, or small details. It’ll be from your guests having fun - it’s ok to rely on the unexpected!


We sabred champagne atop a mountain pass, dressed to the nines with scenic landscape and shared a cheers with family. That experience is etched forever. 

We are simply, obsessing, over the pictures from this incredible day. Now that, is a backdrop. 

We always say; your day, your way. And we truly mean it. Doing what makes you happy will ensure your wedding day is filled with all the love you deserve!

Rock My Wedding

Your wedding transport can really be a huge part of your day! And if a Jeep wedding car has taken your fancy, then stay with us. Take a look at this awesome Ford Mustang wedding car, complete with smoke bomb portraits! Or how about… a London wedding bus? Honestly, go hard, or go home… right? 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Florist: Mum's Flowers | Hair Stylist: Craft Society Salon | Makeup Artist: Beauty By Emily | Transport: Glacier Jeep Rentals

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