Jin & Niall had a truly amazing Winter wedding with family and friends in Scotland, but unfortunately it rained. A lot! So the opportunities to capture portraits of them both together were limited. What better way to put that right than to pop off to the most romantic city in the world, Paris, with your wedding photographer and have a post wedding shoot. The results are breathtaking. With the gorgeous sights of Paris as their backdrop. I love that they visited the Eiffel Tower in the day and the night as both results are amazing. Sarah-Jane Ethan Photography has captured all the fun, all the love and laughter beautifully. Giving this adorable couple a collection of images they can really treasure forever.


Jin the Bride: We both love the Paris so much, from the architecture to the food (yes, we did squeeze in a crepe stop during the day for good measure). It really is the most romantic city in the world for us. Each time I see the Eiffel tower, it’s like the first time. There are so many nice pockets and romantic side streets across the city too. It offers such a romantic mood both during the day and when it is lit up at night. Now we can say…we’ll always have Paris.

Special Moments

We really enjoyed it from start to finish but I think the best moment was at the Louvre. We found a beautiful corridor off the main courtyard and had the place completely to ourselves. We enjoyed a dance together and a bit of fun. Having that moment alone together in such a nice setting was just so romantic. It made for some beautiful photos too.


We love the small moments that SJ captured. Those glances at each other when no one else is looking. She really has such a talent for anticipating those moments and capturing them. Each time we look at those photos it also feels like we are back there in that moment. The night time shots with the Eiffel tower in the backdrop are also pretty special for us. The lighting is just perfect on those photos. So there were a couple of things that we wanted in our photographer when we were choosing. Firstly, we wanted a photographer that created bright photos that capture the emotion of the day. When we first saw SJ’s photos, we instantly loved them. Each of her photos tell a story. Each time we look at ours it’s like being back there again. We also wanted someone that clicked with us personally. From, the first email to Sarah-Jane Ethan, we knew that she was someone who just loves meeting people and having fun. She also covered our wedding in Scotland and felt like one of the family by the end of it! At the same time, she is such a professional and really plans down to the smallest details, which made the day stress-free for us.


I got the dress from Phase Eight. I just wanted something classic and elegant. After a fruitless day of looking all over London for my perfect dress. I stopped in as the last shop for the day. As soon as I tried it on, I knew it was the perfect one for me. The fit was perfect and the look was exactly what I was searching for. After a day of deliberation, I went back and ordered it.


Firstly, find a photographer that you really get on with. Niall and myself don’t take ourselves too seriously so SJ was just perfect for us. Those little jokes on the side throughout the day really put us both at ease to just enjoy the shoot and made for more natural shots. I would also make sure that you carefully plan the timings and locations that you would like to cover on the day. Especially in large cities like Paris, it’s fairly easy to get lost! Again, we were in great hands with SJ as she took care of all of this planning for us prior to the day. Lastly, just relax and enjoy it! We laughed, danced and walked until our feet were sore. It can be daunting having your photo taken with people all around you but after a few minutes we forgot everyone was there and it felt like we had this beautiful city to ourselves. When I look back it still feels like a romantic dream.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: Phase Eight | Location: Paris
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