In our opinion, joint wedding speeches are the way forward. Wedding speeches are traditionally seen as a duty and, sometimes, a bit of an endurance test for guests. But now, all of our incredible couples are realising how wedding speeches can truly add heart and humour to your wedding day. Make the most of them! Say goodbye to old-fashioned speech traditions, cheesy cliches and overused punchlines.

Our top tips and tricks for writing a joint wedding speech

What Is A Joint Wedding Speech?

A joint wedding speech is becoming a popular method of speech giving at your wedding reception. At Rock My Wedding, we’re all about breaking tradition. Ladies, pick up the mic because it’s not just all about the men - the grooms, the father of the brides, the best men! If you’re two grooms, why not get your mothers, sisters, or female best friends to speak? Ultimately, you want a mix of speakers who will add love and laughter to the day rather than unquestionably following tradition. Joint wedding speeches are, in literal terms, when one or more people speak out at the same time. A joint wedding speech gives your other half a chance to speak about their love and perspective on the relationship too! It’s a big day, you deserve to say a few words. 

how to write a joint wedding speech? 

Here are our top tips for writing a joint wedding speech. 

  1. Firstly, you might want to start by clarifying why you’ve decided on a joint wedding speech rather than going solo. It’s a nice way to show off your partnership together. After all, you are married now. However, you don’t need to explain to anyone! It’s Your Day, Your Way. 
  2. Go into a memorable story together. Whether you decide on a romantic story or a funny one, try to tell a story not many guests know about so everyone will be giggling, awwing and smiling along with you. 
  3. Keep it under 5 minutes. Just because there are two of you speaking, it doesn’t mean you get double the time. Keep it short and sweet. 
  4. You don’t need to finish each other's sentences (unless, of course, this is natural for you). Just be authentic to you as a couple and don’t try to force it or your speech may comes across as cringy and awkward. 
  5. Big up your beau! Yes, the wedding speeches are all about shining a spotlight on how amazing your partner is and why you love each other, but a joint speech allows you to talk about each other together. Everyone will feel and understand the love between you two so much better when you share both of your perspectives! 

Joint wedding speech examples

Need some more specific inspiration? For your joint wedding speech, start by thinking of all the fun stories that make you unique as a couple. Maybe it's how you met, your first kiss or an exciting trip you took together. The thing that makes a speech memorable (for the right reasons) is when it’s authentic with just the right amount of humour. Plus, you can always check out these couples from real weddings who did a joint wedding speech. Click the image to find the link to take you to their wedding days!  

Joint wedding speeches are the best way to start your marriage - together! 

In your speech writing mood? Great news! The next thing you might want to consider is the actual speech order. Who’s going first to set the tone and who would be the perfect person to end things off? If you’re wondering where to start, take a look at our wedding speech order guide for traditional and non-traditional ideas. What about the wedding party? Send them our advice on best man speeches and maid of honour speeches

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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