Golden Jungle Wedding with Bride in Golden Headdress and Smoke Bomb Portraits at Masia Riba Barcelona, shot by Serafin Castillo Pin Image

Golden Jungle Wedding with Bride in Golden Headdress and Smoke Bomb Portraits

If the streets of London are paved with gold then take me to Barcelona, for this golden jungle wedding – just outside the Spanish seaside city – must have been touched by Midas himself. Stunning couple Laia & Carlos shine amidst the hanging stars and sparkling lights at Masia Ribas, where the line between inside and outside is beautifully blurred by the incredible styling at the wedding breakfast. Gold insects, gold stars and gold vases vie for attention, but it is Laia’s golden headpiece that steals the show.



“I always knew that my wedding dress would from Teresa Helbig. Her handmade dresses are so delicate; mine was made from silk and fine French lace, and topped with a soft bow and golden butterfly on one shoulder. My friend Maria from Nicolasa Estudio Creativo created our wonderful wedding invitations, made from cotton paper with hand painted green herbs and golden letters. She also created the invitations for the pre-wedding party the night before, with colourful confetti inside as a surprise for our friends. Our photographer, videographer and venue were suppliers we settled on right at the start, and our wonderful wedding planners Miss Little Things were able to help with other recommendations; they were amazing.” – Laia & Carlos

Jungle Wedding

Laia & Carlos had a clear vision for their wedding from day one: a magical summer night, a sky full of stars, a forest rich with greenery and golden insects. And oh my, doesn’t their big day deliver? Stepping into the dining room at Masia Ribas must have taken their breath away, with foliage, flowers, hanging stars and soft lighting transforming the Orangerie into a jungle of joy. As darkness fell and the fairylights started to twinkle, it must have been a truly pinch me moment; a night where you sense that the stars have aligned.



“Our favourite moment was entering the dining room to the song ‘Sky Full of Stars’ by Coldplay. Our family and friends were all dancing and jumping around, waving napkins. They all seemed to be so happy for us, with huge smiles on their faces. Being with the people you really love is what truly makes your wedding day epic, and enjoying this time with our favourite people was so special for us.” – Laia & Carlos

Your couple’s portraits will be amongst the photos that you most treasure from your wedding – and many of our brides and grooms also reveal that stealing some time together to get these shots is one of the best bits of their day, allowing them to soak in and take stock of all that’s going on around them. Laia & Carlos are spoilt for choice as to which captures will be hanging in their home for years to come, but I for one love the joy and jubilation that radiates through their smoke bomb shots; the picture with Laia throwing her head back in hysterics is perfection. What do you think about smoke bombs? Here at RMW we’re usually united on most things, but when it comes to smoke bombs we stand divided. Have a read of our debate, 2018’s Biggest Wedding Trend Has The Whole Team Divided, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photography by Serafin Castillo
Author: Victoria Honan
Editorial Assistant Victoria fell in love with the world of weddings after planning her own (in only 6 months!) in 2018. She thinks being a bride – and a wife – are the best titles going (although is still getting used to her new name).

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  1. Lovely! I’ve been trying to hunt down smoke bombs but can’t find any suitable ones… any tips/advice on where to find them?

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