How many amazing details are there in this real wedding feature?! The theme combines the couples' love of New York City, with the film 'Breakfast At Tiffanys' and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Laura & Gianluigi wanted to surprise guests, as they have been together for over ten years, so they went a little different, a little bolder with the decor. But by keeping things intimate and stylish, guests felt as if they were at an extended dinner party, rather than a big fancy wedding. Planning and styling comes from Save The Date and images are from Margherita Calati. Enjoy!

The Theme

Save The Date Styling & Planning: When Laura and Gianluigi asked us to plan their wedding they informed us that they had been engaged for about 10 years and that all of their friends were expecting them to get married. Therefore they wanted something unconventional to surprise all their guests! What they had in mind was recreating a familiar atmosphere, as if they were at home, but recreating two of their favourite things - New York & “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (the movie and it's atmosphere). The palette was clear: black, white, grey & tiffany blue of course!

The Decor

We thought “If you can’t go to the big apple, we’ll bring a bite of it to you!” We took a trip to New York and got inspiration from there, we sow a nice white plastic bag, with black damask decoration on it and a tiffany cord...and that’s it we knew where to start from. We bought the bag, flew back to Italy and showed it to our graphic designer Elisa Viscardi. Laura & Gianluigi told us they were in love with “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie but we did not wanted the guest to take us for granted and show them all those typical “Audrey Hepburn-like” decorations seen before. Thinking about a familiar atmosphere, we decided to use all breakfast elements (such as white porcelain coffee, tea, milk mugs & cups, cuttles, coffee pot) to be part of the decor and containers for flowers. Laura and Gianluigi then asked their guests their preference for coffee or tea and they had a mug or a cup and saucer as a favour.

The Fashion

Laura was eager to buy her wedding dress so we took her to an atelier in Turin keeping in mind that beautiful damask decoration we saw in New York and that was going to be our motif for the whole event. Laura chose three dresses for her trial but we asked Claudia (the atelier’s owner) to give her a fourth one in the changing room: a beautiful Maggie Sottero with silvery/bronze damask decoration on it. When she wore it and came out of the changing room, it was just “WOW” the right one. White high heeled open toe shoes and a long veil completed her outfit.

The Ceremony

It took place in a small beautiful Church. Luigi’s nephew had a beautiful white flower crown like a young princess and she carried the rings for the bride and groom. Laura arrived in a white rolls royce and couldn’t help crying. At the end of the ceremony all guests receive a white and a black balloon while the bride and groom had a whole bunch of tiffany balloons we all made a wish for them and let it fly to the sky.

The Venue

We looked for the proper location excluding villas, castles, restaurants, hotel ballrooms and lofts (a little too cold to recreate a familiar atmosphere). Surfing the web we came across the right one: Loft Rugginello in Vimercate. We moved all furniture: chaiselounge, chairs and table outside where the aperitives would be served and inside sofa with pillows like a living room and a long imperial u shape table for the 50 guests. In the garden we wanted to recreate a love corner for the bride and groom so we moved a bed outside, decorated an arch with wood branches and flowers and off course lots of silk and a chandelier.


Laura and Gianluigi told us they once had the chance to take part to their friend’s wedding and particularly enjoyed the food, so we found out who the catering was and got in touch with them. During dinner there was the projection of Breakfast at tiffany’s movie on the wall. After dinner the dance of the bride with her father was so romantic and followed by bride and groom first dance.

The Cake

All so tiffany! Cupcakes with pearls and a three level wedding cake with a shiny wood cake topper covered with silver glitter & tiffany coloured cakepops with black ribbon, tiffany macarons with pearls on it. Candy was bought for the sweet table in New York.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Planning, Styling & Floral Design: Save The Date | Stationery: Elisa Viscardi | Bride: Bili | Groom: Andros | Alessandro Dell'acqua | Venue: 2 Glam Studios | Catering: La Trave | Cake: La Camelia

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