Now I'm a country girl through and through, but this dreamy shoot from the streets of New York has got me hankering for a city the Big Apple of course. No other city will do after seeing these gorgeous images! And obviously I want to be wearing blue tulle and a cute ponytail ;) When Forester Fotografos sent these images over I really wanted to share, yes for most of us, eloping to New York isn't necessarily on the cards, but this is too gorgeous to keep to myself. So enjoy...I hope it gets you in the mood for a Friday night in the city!
Our idea for this inspirational editorial is a simple and fast wedding. Put a comfortable dress, a ponytail and a suit on and let's get married! Under the Brooklyn bridge and with an amazing sunset, it's a perfect location to have your wedding ceremony even after work.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Skirt & Cardigan: Alicia Rueda
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