Today we're chatting to Recommended Supplier's Marble Private about lighting for weddings. Such a crucial part of any wedding day, but definitely one where expertise and experience are needed. We caught up with Robbie, Marble's Chief Technology Officer, who tells us everything you need to know about creating a magical atmosphere on your big day. Marble Private is an integrated events company, who brings its team of experts together to help you create your perfect wedding day. Not just planners, not just a technical team, they cover everything and so are the perfect people to tell us all about planning a large wedding, or perhaps one that will involve lots of logistics and lots of suppliers.

Lighting For Basement Wedding

Lighting For Weddings: How Do We Create A Magical Atmosphere?

Robbie {Chief Technology Officer at Marble Private}: When thinking about planning your big day a LOT of tasks come to mind - finding that special venue, dress, florist, catering, the list goes on...but we rarely see lighting feature near the top. We can’t overstate how key lighting is for enhancing the atmosphere and ambiance you’ve worked so hard to create. From supporting the photography to helping accentuate your floral centerpieces, to making the lighting a centerpiece of your day in its own right, our team looks at lighting from a different perspective. Our lighting designers work alongside our wedding planners to understand what a couple needs from lighting on their wedding day, keeping event design at the forefront - one of the many advantages of working with a full-service wedding events agency over many separate suppliers!

My venue already provides lighting, why should I invest in additional lighting for the day?

It’s a common misconception that lighting doesn’t play a part in your day, and any large fixtures are obstructive and counter-intuitive to your venue design. Lighting enhances your wedding theme, design, and overall ambiance, with the right direction and fittings it will help set the right mood and can also become a much more contemporary feature of your stylish decor, than tired venue lighting. It’s SO key for atmosphere and vibe and shouldn’t be looked at as an extra expense, instead of as an essential feature that brings to life and accentuates all the elements you have thought so much about.

Wedding Reception With Disco Balls

Do I need to think about lighting during the daytime at my wedding?

This is especially important if you’re planning an indoor wedding, to ensure you and your guests look their best in the wedding photos, and a comfortable environment is set. Again this can play into the event styling, up the ante, and try disco balls in the trees to make the most of the natural outdoor light and keep the party atmosphere flowing through all aspects of the day.

Disco Ball In The Trees For Wedding

As dusk sets in and you make your first entrance to the wedding dinner as a married couple, make sure it’s a special one - and a big one too! Have you thought about lighting up a walkway with lanterns and festoon or Edison bulb lighting? Or go one step further and make it an epic celebration with colourful flares leading the way.

Flares For Wedding Reception

My venue has a lot of outdoor space, how can I add lighting in a unique and stylish way?

If there's ample outdoor space at your chosen venue, you can still make use of it in the evening and avoid the frequently used traditional white and green up-lighters in the distance. Bring a bit more colour and vibrancy to your evening with coloured LED arches to provide a clear path around the venue, and fiber optic lights in the surrounding trees to give guests a more alluring environment.

Light Walkway LED Archways

What alternatives are there for wedding disco coloured lights?

There are other options out there if you're not keen on the traditional "wedding disco" light setup. Try canopies of disco balls and paper lanterns inside the venue or dance tent, mixed with coloured beam lighting, or if you're using a basement style venue then stay with the styling and keep it dark and moody, lighting the way with candles. Regardless, our lighting design and consultation takes into consideration the style of your evening entertainment to both complement and enhance. Plus, one of our engineers will always be on-site during the evening to make sure everything is on point.



Lighting For Marquee

I want to do something extra special and make a statement, how can lighting play a part?

If theatrics are your style then don't rely on the ceremony alone to impress your guests, keep the drama going with a personalised light show in the evening! Against the backdrop of your venue, or even within a water feature, use projection mapping as an opportunity to share more about your history as a couple, or simply to provide a bit of additional entertainment for your guests.

Projection Mapping On Building

Find out more about how the Marble Private team can help make your wedding day an unforgettable one for you, and your guests. They are clearly experts at lighting for weddings.

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