When Paloma Cruz sends us weddings a ripple of anticipation and excitement spreads around RMW HQ - we love her style and she always has THE best weddings. So you can imagine our faces when Paloma mentioned she was sending over the wedding of her very own SISTER. I know! The pressure!!! The excitement! Well we couldn't wait to see the images and trust me when I say, you will not be disappointed. Pablo Laguia has captured the spirit of the day to perfection too. This wedding is truly unique - full of imagination, heart and magic. So without further ado, let's head to Barcelona and get the party started...

The Story

Paloma the Wedding Planner: Lola is my sister, I think that says it all! It felt like so much more than wedding planning for me - I felt like the love planner - organising the love, the whole weekend for our family & friends. It was my most satisfying and emotional job to date! I'm really close to my sister, but a few years ago, she moved a little further away from where I'm based to start her life with Edu. It's always so lovely when we actually see each other (we're in Alicante and they are in Barcelona). Technology helps, as anyone with a long distance between their family will tell you, but it's not the same. Our hearts are warmed for days after we've seen each other.

The Venue

La Garriga de Castelladral was the chosen place to celebrate the wedding, a charming country house run by Montse, who immediately put us at ease - we could create the wedding we wanted! We stayed during the whole weekend, sharing, living and enjoying each other. Family from United States, Alicante and Barcelona, friends and family all mixed together.

The Wedding Weekend

On Friday we had a classic British barbecue - relaxation, friendship, family, love and companionship. We talked, ate together and had a wonderful evening after the food. If you really want to switch off before your wedding then this is where a wedding planner helps and is so worth it. On Saturday we woke to an overcast sky, but we didn't care, we were filling the spaces with good energy, and the rain held off for the beautiful wedding beautiful you see above.

The Decor

I wanted the decor to represent them and their tastes, but also be stylish and unusual. The whole set up was a complete surprise to them, but all linked by a common thread - the golden night. For the ceremony, I wanted to do something that felt natural in the forest, but that wasn't too rustic or outdoorsy. We had an altar of beige and blues over an blanket of green for the aisle. Then a neon pink light which read "all begins here" added a dash of colour. Dark carpets marked the way to the altar, a long corridor of boxes and bottles with dusters reflected the tall curves of the forests trees.

The Reception

The guests were welcomed with Lindalimon and coconut ginger lemonade, which is seriously delicious. With the seating plan for my sister asked me to design something that represented Edu's fondness for carpentry, so along with his siblings, Mireia and Jose, we used old tools of their father and created a mini workshop. It made everyone cry! For dinner, I wanted to do something new, that nobody had done before. I lit the tables with infinite table runners of light that visually multiplied the length of these tables. A true spectacle. We wanted to surprise the guests at every turn, and for this my friend and colleague, Cristina from Caperucita Cupcakes offered to come to Barcelona to make an amazing dessert table. It was incredible, cakes, unicorn donuts, the nearly 30 different styles that delighted the guests. There were over five meters of cake!

The Fashion

One of our brothers owns Jon Josef, the American shoe firm. He created some custom slippers for guests in pink, with the initials of the bride and groom in gold for the weekend, and of course designed and manufactured the navy blue glitter bridal Shoes too. The wedding dress was made by Rubén Hernández. He had an infinite layer and was decorated with embroidered golden stars, similar to the headdress type headband with blue rhinestones gave him the touch of fun and trendy.


My biggest piece of advice would be to get everyone involved! Alongside our team (who came up from Alicante to Barcelona to do this wedding - Lorraine and Zeta <3 ) our families helped put everything together on the friday evening - kids filling bags with olive twigs to throw at bride and groom, mothers aunts cutting flowers, brothers friends carrying boxes from one place another. a superemotivo family show!

The Team

María Catalá went up from Alicante to make up the bride and the close family, I'm superfan, she's amazing! Daniel de el Valle and his team was in charge of makeup and hairdressing for guests, and also combed Lola to complete her look. She looked spectacular. Pablo Laguia spent the weekend with us, making us forget not about anything of what happened, capturing the story with his camera, accompanied by his beloved and immortal Ana. As we have already mentioned little cupcakes and the team made the delight not only of the guests but the wonderful staff who attended the wedding (what would I do without you)!!!! Floristería La Trastienda created the preserved bouquet for Lola, a bouquet that we took from Alicante to Barcelona, and was perfect, in natural, blue and gold tones. Thank you so much Estela and Marta!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Wedding Planning, Styling & Decor: Paloma Cruz Eventos | Make Up: Make Up Zone | Dress: Ruben Hernandez Costura | Coloured Hanging Lights: Your Happy Day | Venue: La Garriga De Castelladral | Cakes: Caperucita Cupcakes | Bouquet: La Trastienda Floristeria | Caterer: Grup Tomas

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