If you thought long sleeve wedding dresses were just for Autumn/Winter, then think again! We show you why these delicate sheer, lace, embellished and plain designs are perfect for every season, and every bride!

Lace Sleeves

If it's good enough for Kate, it's good enough for us right?! With so many different laces available, no two sleeve designs are the same! Well, except on your wedding dress!

Detachable Sleeves

If you're a little undecided about having sleeves or not, or you fancy changing your look for the evening but don't want the added expense of buying another dress, then choosing a gown with removable sleeves might be the perfect solution. You can keep things sophisticated and demure for the ceremony, and sassy and fun for the evening reception.

Sheer Sleeves

Sheer fabric gives the illusion of sleeves, but with the added bonus of still exposing your arms. This could be a perfect choice for a Spring/Summer wedding where you want to keep your arms covered but the wedding dress design, light and airy so you don't get too hot.

Embellished Sleeves

Choosing a long sleeve wedding dress doesn't always have to be about keeping you warm! It can simply be because they are embellished with the finest beads and the magpie in you can't resist! We most definitely fall into the latter. Who doesn't want to sparkle on their wedding day?!

Bell Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Trumpet or bell sleeve wedding dresses are often worn by free-spirited boho brides. Their stunning silhouette will add drama to your gown and they always look amazing during those all-important bouquet holding portraits.

Plain Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

If you're hosting a minimalist wedding then a plain long sleeve wedding dress with its clean lines and silhouette will look stunning. Just like the decor, you'll look timeless and elegant. Plus, that tattoo you got in college and don't want grandma to see will be well hidden!

Applique Sleeves

An applique wedding dress is a decorative design often featuring 3D flowers, lace, tulle or sequins. Why wouldn't you want to continue that pretty all the way down your arms?

Puff To Cuff

If you can't decide between a fitted or flared long sleeve wedding dress then this blouson puff shoulder detail with a fitted cuff sleeve is the perfect solution. Big shoulders to add drama, and fitted cuffs to ensure they don't end up in your soup!

Long sleeve wedding dresses are the utmost in elegance.

When it comes to buying your wedding dress the silhouettes, trains and neckline choices available to you are endless. As well as long sleeve wedding dresses we've also rounded up boho wedding dressesprincess dressesshort dresses and more. Find them all linked in the cards below.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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