This marriage proposal was not only a surprise, it was also Halloween themed, so really, what more could you want today? When photographer Hash decided to take part in the Ghost Challenge he enlisted the help of his closest friends; Mike and Lucy. Mike had planned to propose to Lucy earlier this year, but due to COVID, their plans changed. So, when the possibility of turning the shoot into a surprise proposal was expressed, it was all go! With help from local suppliers, a romantic twist, and a gorgeous woodland location, the day could not have been more perfect. We wish Mike and Lucy all the (spooky) happiness in the world!

Our Love Story

We met through college back in 2013 and we've been together just shy of 7 years (7 next month!) As fate would have it, ended up in the same class studying psychology together for all of 6 months before Lucy dropped out of the course but luckily we'd already managed to get to know each other before that point.

Lucy & Mike

Marriage Proposal

We love the idea of a surprise marriage proposal - but we especially love that this was so spontaneous! The picturesque setting coupled with the beautiful floral bouquet gives us all those Autumnal vibes we can’t get enough of. So, if you’re looking for a proposal idea, then why not go for an Autumn vibe? The colour scheme is ready and waiting for you. Oh, and if you fancy throwing in the Ghost Challenge, then why not… ’Tis the Spooky Season after all. Stay tuned for more Autumnal Halloween inspiration later today!


It was something that had been on my mind for a while and after a few quiet beers and hearing of Ash's plan for a ghost challenge shoot, it just seemed the perfect opportunity to make the shoot extra special. I asked if it was possible to turn this shoot into a surprise proposal, we found a gorgeous location, the suppliers pulled out ALL the stops after finding out & better yet we had the cover story since Lucy had already agreed (sort of) The endless battle of trying to get lucy to be excited for a shoot took a few weeks but was clearly worth it in the end when the plan went off without a hitch and she hadn't expected anything. We spent all morning taking the normal shoot photos and then insisted on lucy having a few solo shots still in her ghost costume while I was waiting nervously behind her. Clearly the nerves got to me too much when I put the ring on the wrong hand but the thought is what counts!

Lucy & Mike


The shoot couldn't have gone better if we had tried, and we couldn't have done it without all of Ash's suppliers pulling out all the stops Ash spent time scouring locations each weekend and even though we ended up having to march through Sherwood Forest carrying a small halloween store on our backs, the location he had eventually found was absolutely perfect. My favourite moment personally was seeing Lucys reaction both in the moment and after while the shock sank in.

Lucy & Mike

Are you interested in a surprise proposal? Take a look at Dima and Nady's sunset proposal for a little more inspo… Plus, if you’d like to hear more #2020lovestories listen to our latest Podcast epidode (yes, it’s back!) where Becky shares joy, heartbreak and realness. She also answers all your questions about how to navigate getting married in the next 6 months.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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