That opening picture of Bride Marta in her boho lace YolanCris gown captured by F2Studio literally makes me swoon, close my eyes and imagine that elated feeling of twirling around in your wedding dress, completely in love with not a care in the world. She really does look so carefree and absolutely stunning. Her lose braided hair and bouquet of pink peonies are heavenly and complete her bridal look perfectly. Plus that Spanish backdrop... Hidden on the grounds of the Castiello de Selorio ancient Asturias House was a quaint garden where Marta & Oscar had an unconventional outdoor humanist ceremony carried out by a friend that culminated in a surprise visit from 'The Doc' and a reenactment of the last scene from 'Back to the Future'. I bet guests LOVED it. The movie references didn't end there though, but I won't spoil any more, so you'll have to read on to find out...

The Dress

Marta the Bride: I picked my dress because I really felt like my true self wearing it. It really matched my personality and I fell in love with the different kinds of fabric.

Grooms Attire

The Groom was looking for an elegant look as well as modern so a grey suit combined with turquoise green vest and bow tie was the perfect choice.

The Venue

Castiello de Selorio has a big garden and separated open spaces for the ceremony and the banquet, so it had everything we were looking for. During the evening you could stay outside in the garden or inside in the dining hall which later served as the ballroom.

Colour Scheme/Decor

We picked pastel tones based on pink and green as we thought they were elegant as well as cute. They really matched the green gardens of the venue and the flower decorations. The décor was very movie-like. One of the themes of the wedding was films and cinema, and The Love Forest did their best by dressing the venue with movie props here and there (clapperboards, film cans, lights…). We wanted our guests to feel like they were in a movie.


Flowers were mainly in pink pastel tones following the suggestions from The Love Forest and Pando Florists.


We wanted to do something different from what we usually see in Spain, so we picked a friend of ours to host the ceremony. We knew he would do very good but he took us by surprise with his funny jokes, his ease and his professionalism. He really could make a living out of it! It was a beautiful ceremony enliven by a string quartet. A friend of ours is a professional singer and he sang my favourite song during my entrance. Two of our very best friends gave touching speeches where they remembered some stories from our young years that were both funny and emotional. The highlight of the ceremony was the visit of an actor playing Doc Brown from Back to the Future. We played the closing scene from the movie, allowing us to make some funny jokes about our future kids. We spent days preparing this performance but it was really worth; guests had a blast with it!


String quartet Cuarteto Asturias was a great choice for both the ceremony and the aperitif. DJ Narci did a great job as well during the ball. For the first dance we again recreated a scene from Back to the Future (the groom’s favourite movie) and after a slow piece we swing-danced to Chuck Berry’s Johnny Be Good. We rehearsed the dance for weeks by attending swing classes at the Swing Costa Verde dance school. We also had a photobooth (El Fotomolón) where the guests could take funny pictures and post them on a book that we keep with great care. Some of the pictures are hilarious.


We also wanted a non-traditional banquet so we didn’t assign tables and seats for our guests, but the food was served in small clay pots so it could be eaten even in a stand up position. Most of our guests found this very enjoyable since they could walk around and talk to everyone while having dinner. It was somehow informal but we didn’t want a very strict by-the-rules event. The menu consisted of a series of assorted aperitifs that included a table with several types of regional cheese and Iberian ham followed by warm dishes such as beans with sausages (fabada), ox with red onion and grilled potatoes and monkfish in cider sauce. For desserts we had truffle mousse, apple tarte-tatin and mango sorbet. Everything by Sol Gimeno Catering was delicious.


I already knew the work by F2Studio and I knew they had to be our photographers. When we emailed them they were booked for our date so we decided to change it and we don’t regret it a single bit. Their modern style, their simplicity and the way they work with natural light was exactly what we were looking for. The pictures speak by themselves!


Initially, we didn’t think of hiring a videographer, but when Javi (from F2Studio) told us about Marmellata Films, we checked their work and immediately changed our minds. Their style matches that of F2Studio, and we loved their simplicity and how nice the weddings looked on their videos. They have a great taste for music too, and they produce short clips which are great for showing family and friends.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: YolanCris | Bridal Shoes: Rachel Simpson Shoes | Veil: Le Touquet | Jewellery: Adam Ballester Joyas | Venue: Castiello de Selorio | Decor/Styling/Wedding Planner: The Love Forest | Florist: Pando Floristas | Caterer: Sol Gimeno Catering | Cake: Pastelería Balbona | Stationery: Prisma Color Gráfico | Entertainment: El fotomolón | Transport: Autocares Mariano | Videographer: Marmellata Films

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