Same-Sex Industrial Wedding with Bridesmaids in Sequin and Tulle Blush Pink Maya Bridesmaid Dresses by Anna Beth Wedding Photography Pin Image

Same-Sex Industrial Wedding with Grooms Maids in Sequin and Tulle Maya Bridesmaid Dresses

BUDGET £17.5 – 20K

Our two grooms today, Darren and Michael, wanted an informal but stylish wedding which wasn’t too feminine, opting for the Dean Clough Mills industrial wedding venue in Yorkshire which suited them perfectly. They complemented one another in slightly different blue suits but wore matching Kurt Geiger shoes and pink socks. The blue and blush pink colour scheme continued throughout their day with their fabulous ‘Grooms maids’ wearing sequin and tulle Maya bridesmaid dresses. There’s lots of love, lots of detail, and plenty of emotional moments so sit back and enjoy.


“The venue allowed us a blank canvas to create the exact style we wanted, we sourced and arranged our own flowers and with help from EP Studios we were able to bring our vision for the Arches to life. We kept wedding traditions to a minimum so the day was laid-back and casual which allowed everyone to relax and have a great time! We really enjoyed the process of creating and designing our tailor-made suits, we each had our own idea on what we wanted and James Michelsberg guided us through the process with great enthusiasm, along with a bottle of whiskey and few beers to get the ‘creative juices’ flowing!” – Darren & Michael

Maya Bridesmaid Dresses

Maya bridesmaid dresses are by far the most popular choice of bridal party gowns to grace our pages. We love the sequins, the layers of tulle, and whether they are in blush, like these beautiful ladies, grey, or navy, the ladies wearing them always look incredible. Darren and Michael’s bevvy of beauts opt for slightly different necklines to suit their personalities, whilst still looking uniformed and incredible next to the two grooms in navy suits.


“The vibe of the day was relaxed, simple and personal. The style inspiration came mainly from the venue, we fell in love with the paired back industrial setting, we added natural foliage and tons of candles to soften the space, whilst still retaining the character of the mill.” – Darren & Michael

Times are changing people, more and more members of the wedding party are standing up and giving speeches, and it’s great to see Darren and Michael’s aptly named grooms-maids standing up giving a speech too. They really went above and beyond delivering an amazing speech, and by the looks of the captures by Anna Beth Photography there wasn’t a dry eye in the room! If you’ve considered standing in front of your loved ones saying a few words, give our wedding speech podcast a listen.

Photography by Anna Beth Wedding Photography
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