More and more couples are taking to their favourite locations for intimate weddings, and we are absolutely here for it! Greeshma and Justin are no exception, calling upon Liv Schultheis and her moody photography skills to capture them at Bodega Bay in California. They look incredible in a yellow dress and top knot and use smoke bombs for extra drama. They were joined by a few close friends, with the rest of their guests dialling in virtually. 

What Made Our Day Unique

It's 2020. Everything is unique right now. We got married over Zoom and had family and friends there from all over the world in the comfort of their own homes. The only suppliers we chose were our officiant (because they were the only people available), and our photographer Liv. We had an awesome time with, we all gelled really well and just trekked down to the beach to get some epic photos. Super easy to work with, super creative. Loved having someone there to capture the moments. She's a rockstar. Our vows were super heartfelt and tender with just the right amount of sass and humour. It was wonderful to see our families and friends supporting us from afar.

Greeshma & Justin

Moody Photography

We love moody photography. The composition, light and subject all work in perfect harmony together resulting in emotive captures. I mean, just look at those cliff top portraits. Ouff! And how intimate are the portraits of Greeshma and Justin around the bay?! It's almost like we've interrupted a private moment *cough *cough.

Inspiration & Styling

The vibe was super laid back, funny, the-apocalypse-is-nigh-let's-celebrate-our-love, poetic, and celebratory. The styling was super minimal. We had our ceremony over the internet in our apartment, and then the reception we had at Bodega Bay in my family's house. Yellow flowers, yellow dress, barefoot, beachy vibes.

Greeshma & Justin


Do EXACTLY what you want. As someone who used to work in the wedding industry as a photographer, I've helped a lot of people cut all the fluff and get to the heart of what matters to them. I think that's the most important thing. Do what you love, invite the people you want to spend time with, get your favourite food, don't overthink it, and remember the real reason for the day. It's not about napkin rings, it's about two people creating alchemy.

Greeshma & Justin

If you'd like to know how to have your own virtual wedding, we've shared a few tips in our new planning section. You'll find advice from us and industry experts to help you have Your Day Your Way. You can even favourite articles to read again and again. Good eh?!

Brides Outfit: Anthropolgie | Cake: Whole Cakes

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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