A mother of the bride wedding speech is not usually included in the traditional wedding speech order, but as we always say at Rock My Wedding, it’s Your Day, Your Way. Naturally, doing any public speaking comes with nerves, anticipation and perhaps a little awkwardness (if not, more power to you!). But in this mother of the bride speech guide with examples and templates, we hope to ease that feeling so that you can approach your wedding speech with confidence, excitement and humour. We also have a groom, best man and maid of honour speech guide that you can send out to the rest of the wedding party for top tips!

How to write a mother of the bride speech with examples and templates 

What is a mother of the bride speech? 

Although not usually included in the traditional wedding speech order, a mother of the bride speech is a wonderful way of ensuring that more female voices are heard on your special day. If you have a close relationship with your mother, this should be a must-have on your wedding day. We’re all for mums taking over the mic! This speech is from mother to daughter and it usually thanks guests for coming and expresses pride in the bride (you can see from this rhyme that we’re super qualified speech advisors). 

How long should your mother of the bride speech last? 

As standard, the mother of the bride speech should last between 2 and 7 minutes. The same goes for any wedding speech; shorter is always sweeter. You want it to last long enough to tell a story or memory and ensure thanks are properly given but not too long that Great Aunt Petunia is nodding off in the corner and the kids start crying because they’re hungry. It’s a fine line! Just make sure you read the room!

What should you include in your wedding speech? 

Follow our mother of the bride speech template for a successful wedding speech! 

  1. Introduce yourself - This can be a simple sentence with a great punch line 
  2. Welcome and thank guests for coming - You could also pay a tribute here to the bride’s other parent
  3. Talk about the bride - The bond you two share, happy childhood memories, heartfelt messages. Try to avoid empty sentences like "she's very nice" without giving a reason afterwards. People aren't interested in adjectives, they want to know the details! Share a story about why she's nice, adventurous, funny, etc.
  4. Talk about the bride’s new partner - Meeting their new partner for the first time, getting to know them, welcoming them into the family and do indulge in some funny or embarrassing stories. 
  5. Their relationship together - Discuss what they bring out of each other and how you knew they were going to last. Plus, share any funny and wise advice you have for the couple. 
  6. A toast - Keep your toast light and sincere to the newlyweds

What should you avoid in your mother of the bride speech?

Alternatively, here’s our advice on what not to include in your mother of the bride wedding speech. 

  1. Too many jokes - The line between a standup gig and a wedding speech is nowadays very blurred, but it doesn't have to be! The amount of jokes you have in your speech is up to you, in consideration. No matter how funny you are, though, it's best to scatter the jokes sporadically and avoid inside jokes. Give the guests a chance to breathe in between laughing!
  2. Being patronising - This is a wedding speech, not a wedding lecture. If you’ve had a successful marriage or learnt something out of a divorce share some tips and tricks you’ve learnt along the way without seeming like a know-it-all
  3. It's not a CV - We all love our children dearly and listing a few of your daughter’s achievements is great. But, don’t go overboard with how special and unique your daughter is. Everyone at the wedding already loves her! 
  4. Don’t cross the line - Try to steer clear of any memories that may paint the bride or their partner in a less than positive light. Remember that this is their day and while it’s okay to poke a bit of fun, you want to make them feel special and loved

Our top wedding speech tips 


Practice makes perfect 

Reading your speech in front of a mirror on your own and then perhaps in front of your partner is a great way to practice before the real thing. Get confident in your words and then read it in front of your partner to understand if your jokes land or not! Knowing your speech well enough to maintain eye contact with the audience for a fair amount of it (looking back at your notes to jog your memory every now and then) is great. It makes the whole event more personable and connected.


Mother knows best

Although we may all like to deny it, mother knows best! So, if in doubt, you can’t go wrong if you speak from the heart. You know your daughter better than anyone, so you know what advice she’ll need to support her through married life. Your sincerity and genuine love for your daughter and her new spouse will surely resonate with everyone present.


Less is more

As we’ve already said, don’t go crazy with the jokes. You’re not being paid to put on a stand-up gig. On this note, less is also more with any funny memories or anecdotes you want to include. Stick to one or two great ones that will stick with the guests!


Write notes or print out your speech 

If you need to have your speech in front of you, you can handwrite it or print it out. Our advice here would be to ensure you write or print in a large font size! You don’t want to look down and lose the line you’re reading from. Big letters are best. Try to learn your speech as much as possible too so that you’re not constantly looking down. 


Just breathe!

At the end of the day, this is only 2-7 minutes of your life. Just breathe, take a deep breath and talk slowly. Try not to rush through the speech to get on the dance floor. Also, if you drink, only have enough to ease your nerves. No one wants a slurred speech or for you to go completely off-script in your drunken state. It’ll all be over before you know it. Instead of looking at the speech as a dreaded task, take it as the honour that it is. 

Funny Mother of the Bride Speech Examples 

"I've learned a lot from my daughter over the years, like how to Snapchat and what 'lit' means. But today, as I watch her marry the man of her dreams, I'm reminded that the most important lesson she's taught me is the true meaning of love and joy."

"I always thought I'd be shedding tears of sadness on my daughter's wedding day, but instead, I'm shedding tears of joy... and a few tears of relief that I finally have the bathroom to myself again!"

"They say weddings are all about compromise. Well, my daughter compromised by letting her fiancé choose the wedding cake flavour, and he compromised by letting her choose everything else. It's the perfect balance!"

“My daughter has always had a knack for getting what she wants. I remember when she was little, she used to negotiate bedtime like a seasoned lawyer. So, it's no surprise to me that she managed to snag herself such an amazing partner. Cheers to a lifetime of effective negotiation and compromise!"

"As [bride's name]'s slightly older sister—just kidding!—I want to thank you all so much for coming out to celebrate [bride's name] and [partner's name]'s wedding day. As her mum, I want to start by telling you all a story about [bride's name] from way back in the day..."

Emotional Mother of the Bride Speech Examples 

"As I look at my daughter today, I am reminded of the countless memories we've shared over the years – from her first steps to this momentous day. She has always been a source of light and joy in my life, and now, as she takes this next step into marriage, my heart swells with pride and gratitude. To my beloved daughter and her beloved partner, may your union be as strong as the bonds of family, and may you find comfort and solace in each other's arms, now and forever."

"There are moments in life that etch themselves into our hearts forever, and today is one of those moments for me. Watching my daughter exchange vows with the love of her life fills me with an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude. To my dear daughter and her partner, may your marriage be a testament to the power of love, forgiveness, and unwavering commitment. May you weather life's storms together and emerge stronger, hand in hand, always."

"As I stand here today, watching my daughter take this monumental step into marriage, I am reminded of the journey that has brought us to this moment. From her first smile to her first heartbreak, I have been there every step of the way, cheering her on and guiding her through life's ups and downs. And now, as she stands before us, radiant and full of hope, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and love. To my daughter and her partner, may your marriage be filled with laughter, love, and endless blessings. You are both so deserving of all the happiness in the world."

"There are few moments in life as poignant as watching your child walk down the aisle, leaving behind the innocence of youth and stepping into the promise of adulthood. My daughter has grown into a remarkable woman, and today, as she pledges her love to her partner, I am overcome with emotion. To my daughter and her spouse, may your love be a beacon of hope in times of darkness, and may you always find strength and solace in each other's embrace."

The ultimate mother of the bride speech guide with do’s and dont’s 

Wondering where the mother of the bride speech should go? Take a look at our wedding speech order. We have the traditional option and discuss some more modern and inclusive speech orders too! Another tip from us is to include a wedding reading during your speech. Perhaps one of our poems or readings can say it better than you can. Our funny wedding readings and romantic poems are wonderful inspiration!  

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