Becca and Maz at The Garden Gate Flower Company grow all of their own flowers on their beautiful farm in Cornwall (if you're looking for wedding flowers with a real difference - these are the girls for you) and are members of our List. Yolanda is one of our favourite Spanish wedding and event stylists, and Marcos is one of our favourite destination wedding photographers - so when they all got together I just knew magic would happen. Here's a little glimpse into their one-to-one session. If you run a creative business I'd highly recommend doing something similar, whether it's with florists, stylists, photographers, sharing creative vibes is a great way to progress. Oh and any Brides reading this - these suppliers come highly, highly recommended by me. Yolanda at Best Day Ever: I was looking forward to meeting The Garden Gate girls. Their natural, wild British style captivated me since the day I saw their work, so I contacted them for a 121. We started the day with a tour of their farm where we could see how they grow and care for their flowers. There were tulips, ranunculus, foxgloves, daffodils, iris, clematis, and different types of greenery. I was stoked to see such a beautiful garden! We spent the morning working on a gorgeous floral centrepiece and an organic, wild bouquet, accompanied with tea and a delicious lemon cake. After the lovely food Becca and Maz prepared, we had time to chat and discuss business, flowers, props, travels and family. During the afternoon we went for a bigger challenge, large arrangements technique, building a beautiful floral arch. The farm's cherry tree was blooming with flowers and they chose them for decorating the arch. It was the perfect choice and the result was stunning. If there's something I missed was to see dahlias and roses as they hadn't grown yet. Maybe another reason to visit the farm again, share inspiration, ideas and tasty food with Becca and Maz. Next spring? ;) Thanks a lot to Becca and Maz for their warm welcome into their farm and for being so open with sharing their approach on the beautiful world of flowers.
Marcos the Photographer: As a photographer living in Spain I was longing to our trip to the UK for the beautiful light you brits enjoy all year: the cloudy weather light! Not great for a summer day at the beach, but perfect for my purpose of taking beautiful photos. Unfortunately our visit was welcomed with bright and sunny skies! What a shame, isn't it? Despite of the beautiful weather, Becca and Maz's farm is a photographer's joy: lots of gorgeous spaces, fields, trees, plants, flowers and endless tiny details that captured my attention. I would love to spend a couple days there just to explore the whole place. The day went smoothly and I can tell I enjoyed as much as Yolanda with Becca and Maz's savoir faire and openness. Making beautiful images is pretty easy in such a relaxed environment and although my mind was on the flowers and everything they explained, I took a few photos to remember the day and shot a couple details from the bouquets and arrangements they prepared throughout the day. Hopefully I'll get to come back to Becca and Maz's beautiful farm, and next time there will be proper cloudy skies.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Florist: Best Day Ever | 1-2-1 Workshop Run By : The Garden Gate Flower Company
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