Pearl hair pins, jewellery and even a pearl veil! Vania made sure her wedding day was filled with her favourite gemstone! No, we're not done with pearls just yet. We are definitely on Vania's level! Vania and Yang's wedding day took place during Covid times, so the groom's parents had to do a speech over Zoom, but they still managed to have guests from all over the world come together for their special day. The couple featured Asian details in a modern and fun way including a Chinese tea ceremony for which the bride wore a traditional and stunning qipao. 

These pearl hair pins are perfect for adding elegance to your look

We decided to go with the colour scheme of yellow and blue as the groom's surname is ‘Huang' which means 'yellow' in mandarin. His first name is ‘Yang', which means 'ocean' hence the blue.

Vania & Yang

Pearl Hair Pins

Vania loves her pearls. And we can't blame her! Pearls ran throughout her hair accessories, veil and earrings (which were borrowed from her mum). They wanted classy with a dash of boho, mid-century and minimalistic vibes, too. Vania designed her own wedding stationery and bought and put together her own flowers with her mum. She planned every detail of her day and it certainly paid off! 


It’s important to start with a realistic budget and stick with it as best as you can (that way you're able to get all the pearl hair pins your heart desires). Get all the help you need before the day! But you know you can rely on your good friends and family who are always willing to help on the day. Don't rush it with the details. Give yourself time to piece the entire look together to make sure it's everything you've dreamt of. 
Remember, that ultimately the day is for your wedding and nothing except your vows and being beside your groom and loved ones are all that matters.

Vania & Yang incorporated Asian details in a modern and beautiful way - like the Chinese Tea Ceremony!

There’s a story behind my wedding dress. I found one I really loved, but it was way over my budget (classic story). I was close to getting a second-hand version of it, but it was too much of a risk with the sizing. Every dress after didn’t quite hit the mark. Until one day, my sisters decided that we should go into one last shop to make sure I’d walk away with a dress. To my surprise, there was one! 90% similar to the one I loved, at only half the budget! 

Vania & Yang

If you love those pearl hair pins and want some pearls in your wedding, then you should definitely see this pearl wedding inspiration article, or we also have a Pinterest board dedicated to everything pearl. The best way to wear those hair accessories is with an updo and we have over 70 styles for you to peruse.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

Photographer: Heather Sham Photography | Venue: The Roseate Reading, The Reading Room | Videographer: MWF | Florist: Bloom Vessels | Cake Maker : Cake Stories By Lina Tani | Hair Stylist: Victoria Fraser-Gadd | Bridal Outfit & Boutique: WED2B | Bridal Outfit: Qiapo Mood | Bridesmaid Outfits: ASOS | Shoes : Debenhams | Fashion Accessories: Perfect Pearl Bridal | Groomsman Outfits : Suit Direct | Groom Outfit: T.M. Lewin | Decor & Hire: Long Acres, Floristry Warehouse

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