Having your bridesmaids support you during all the wedding planning, preparations, and the big day itself, is amazing and a little gift is a lovely way of letting them know how much you appreciate them. It doesn't have to be extravagant but should be something carefully thought through and that really shows how much they mean to you. The perfect starting point for a gift is a beautiful piece of jewellery as it is something that they can treasure for years to come and provides a lovely reminder of your special day. Whether you choose some delicate studs or some colourful bangles we know your bridesmaids will have the biggest smiles. However, sometimes it's nice to give that jewellery a little something extra with thoughtful personal touches that truly turn it in to an amazing personalised gift. So today we want to show you ways to think outside the box, or inside the box, as it turns out! It's all about creating something fabulous that will have your bridesmaids lost for words. Or so we hope. Once you have your chosen jewellery you can begin to add other small items to really create a unique gift box for your bridesmaids. It could contain luxury treats or a favourite book but each one will have been thoughtfully put together to make them just that little bit more special. You don't even need to buy extra pieces and instead could partner the jewellery with memories from your past - adding photographs, letters and trip mementoes. We've styled four different boxes to get you started but the choices really are endless.

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Perfect Bridesmaid Gift Boxes with PANDORA

Beauty Box

What girl wouldn't love to receive the most epic beauty collection? Um, me, please. We chose rose gold packaging and blush hues of makeup to mirror the PANDORA Rose jewellery. If your bridesmaids are doing their own makeup on the big day then some luxe items like a gorgeous lipstick or blusher would be a lovely touch. You could also add in a few pampering treats like a face mask or lovely hand cream. Wrap everything with coordinating tissue paper to match the packaging along with a cute card. We personally think this would be the most epic, if slightly OTT, way to ask 'Will you be my bridesmaid?'.

Sweet Treats

If sweet treats are your thing then this is the box for you. Chocolates and jewellery are sure to have every girl smiling and some beautifully packaged treats in deep colours perfectly reflect the rich golds and silvers your chosen jewellery pieces. Package up some tasty treats for your girls to enjoy after the big day and you are sure to be in the good books. Some delicious chocolates or your favourite childhood sweets make a great option and there is nothing sweeter (no pun intended) than including treats that mean something to you and your friends. Maybe you have shared many a bag of maltesers or you may just all adore a spot of posh chocolate. We also love a gorgeous mug packaged with some luxury hot chocolate for relaxing evenings reminiscing about the wedding. Whatever your favourites you can go to town with filling the gift box full of goodies. Who knows, your bridesmaids may even share them with you!


Go all-out luxe and say thank you to your sparkle-hearted best girls with a Hearts of PANDORA necklace, champagne and rich chocolate truffles. This is a collection of gifts for the girl who loves the finer things in life. Make them feel extra special by choosing a beautiful elegant piece of jewellery and elevating it further with some of the most decadent treats. They will be sure to enjoy sitting with a glass of cool champagne and some delicious treats whilst they look through all the amazing pictures from the big day. You could add a beautiful bunch of flowers or a wonderfully scented candle. Keep the packaging super luxurious with lots of metallic shades and foiled thank you cards.

Wedding Themed

Try theming the gifts to match your wedding theme with lots of gorgeous touches to tie it all together. This is about bringing together elements of your wedding aesthetic, whether that be a colour scheme or a specific theme, to create a curated selection of gifts that truly reflect this. We styled a gift box for the ever-popular mint and pink colour scheme. We started with the most gorgeous stack of PANDORA bangles and rings in pretty pastel shades before adding Nail varnish in candy colours, a beautiful notebook and a floral scented candle to tie it all together. Pretty pink ribbons and a delicate calligraphy thank you card provide the perfect finishing touches.   We hope that has given you a bit of inspiration and some ideas for creating beautiful gifts for your best girls. Do let us know what you are thinking of when it comes to saying thank you.  

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Lottie Manns

Written by Lottie Manns

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