Did you know that in February we released our first book, Your Day Your Way? It's a wedding planning bible written by our founder Charlotte O'Shea, filled with exclusive content created by the RMW team (and some of our favourite suppliers) and the most stunning real weddings. If you haven't purchased it yet, then off you pop to Amazon. I honestly don't know how you're planning a wedding without it? This gorgeous soda bar is something we created for the book and while it looks totally gorgeous, it's actually pretty easy to set up yourselves for your own big day. So as a little Thursday treat, here's how we did can thank us by sending us your wedding photographs featuring your own soda bars! Wedding DIY Project // Pink Floral Soda Bar // DIY Bar Set Up For Wedding
1. Choose a dresser and chair that suit your scheme. Find the perfect location within your venue to set up. You'll need an even surface - bonus points if you can find a cherry blossom tree as lovely as ours. 2. If you are setting up underneath a tree, then now is the time to attach your chandelier and ribbon - you'll need lots of room and if you wait until the dresser is set up then you might knock something over. We used florists wire and black string to attach ours. (We also checked with the venue first that hanging things from trees was ok). 3. Place your cake stands at the back of the table and put your drinks dispensers on top. Add liquid to your dispensers once they are on top of the cake stands as they are heavy once filled. Make sure you have some paper towels to hand for any spills. We added fresh fruit in with our cordial for extra flavour (and it looks pretty too). 4. Put washed fruit into bowls and place in front of the cake stands. We used cut glass bowls with stems as this added a little height, but you can use any pretty bowls that suit your scheme. 5. Put out extra bottles of cordial and soda next to your drinks dispensers. We love the Belvoir cordials and Fentimans botanical drinks as they have really beautiful labels. 6. Place glasses in front of the drinks bottles and add a paper straw to each one. We used mini glass milk bottles to add a little cute factor to our set up. 7. Adorn your set up with flowers, placing flower heads into the drawers and scattering posies over the glassware. And there you have it - a beautiful drinks table for your guests to help themselves too. Sadly we can't send Charlotte, Lottie & Lauren to help you style it, but there's always the can order a copy of the RMW Book, Your Day Your Way, written by our founder Charlotte here ;)
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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