Hiram and Ben both looked amazing in pink wedding suits at their romantic same-sex wedding in Paris. Every detail emphasised there French, Italian, American, and Puerto Rican roots and even included loved ones who had travelled from all over the world. After an emotional first look, the couple officially tied the knot at an intimate wedding ceremony all finished off with a bubble tunnel exit. Their second ceremony was officiated by two of Hiram and Ben's closest friends and included a beautiful handfasting ribbon ritual. At the end, the couple toasted their celebration with a champagne reception followed by an intimate dinner, all in all, a wonderful day filled with personal touches and love.

What Made Our Day Unique

What made our wedding unique was the fusion of tradition, modernity, and our cultural heritage. It’s not every day that a gay, interracial, international couple gets married and we wanted to celebrate our intersectional identities. Every detail emphasized our French, Italian, American, and Puerto Rican roots. The fact that we had a small wedding (25 guests) also made it very personal and intimate. Our family members travelled long distances to join us in Paris, and we were able to share special moments with each of our guests. And to be honest, getting married in a French château completed the fantasy. Our favourite moment was when emerged from the city hall. Our friends and family lined the sidewalks and were blowing bubbles out of miniature champagne bottles. As we approached the group, the spontaneously began to serenade us with “La Vie en Rose.” We can’t describe the immense joy we felt as we passed by our teary-eyed loved ones to the beautiful melody of Edith Piaf. Our photographer, Michael, captured this magical moment and those photos will forever be our favourites.

Hiram & Ben

Pink Wedding Suits

The Pink wedding suits from SachaK Paris suited this same-sex couples romantic celebration perfectly, they were dressed with pink bow ties and white rose button-holes from Florist Atelier des Fleurs who also created the floral arrangements at the reception which looked beautiful and very in keeping with the theme.

Inspiration & Styling

The theme of our wedding was “La Vie en Rose.” In this iconic French song, Edith Piaf falls deeply in love and describes how the feeling makes her see life in pink. Apart from being Benjamyn’s mother’s favorite song, the tune perfectly captures the romance of getting married in Paris. The color pink is also a symbol of the LGBT community, and we though nothing else would scream “gay wedding” louder than donning pink tuxedos.

Hiram & Ben


Focus on what you truly value and make sure to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. Weddings are stressful –that is no secret. But constant communication, even about awkward or sensitive topics, will diffuse tension with your partner and result in a shared vision for your special day. It is easy to get distracted by the desires of your family, cute ideas on social media, and the pressures of tradition. But at the end of the day, it is your wedding and you should celebrate it in a way that feels meaningful and authentic..

Hiram & Ben

If you are currently planning a same-sex wedding and after some tips check out our Same Sex Wedding Advice From Real Couples or, more recently we have featured a brilliant guest post with a real grooms experience Planning A Wedding As A Gay Couple.

Olivia Smith

Written by Olivia Smith

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Reception Venue: Sofitel le Faubourg | Grooms Suits: SachaK Paris | Drinks: Champagne Fraisessence Cellier de Revigny | Florist: Florist Atelier des Fleurs | Decor & Hire: Fo-Rever

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