Right are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. You probably want you're pinning fingers at the ready too as there's not one, but two days of inspiration, DIY decor and festival vibes to take in. Lets start by mentioning the adorable location for all this pretty, the brides grandparents farm, which has been home to many of the family in the past as well as hold numerous celebrations. All the details filling the stretch tent and barn are bang on. All homemade, hand crafted & DIY'd to perfection by the bride, groom and their trusty helpers. Both Pippa & Myles look SO incredibly in love and absolutely stunning in their wedding attire. Myles ops for a traditional tartan kilt and Pippa looks a vision in her St Patrick dress. Have you seen the beaded back yet? WOWsers. All captured beautifully by Colin Ross Photography whose picture's will have your heart thumping they are so adorable.


Pippa the Bride: My St Patrick dress dress from Simply Exquisite Bridal managed to entwine the perfect level of sophistication and glamour with a re-laxed bohemian style. I loved it, it had a relaxed lace bodice but enough glitz and glamour in the beading down the back.


The girls bouquets were modelled around a relaxed whimsical design, with soft colours and a higher percentage of foliage than flowers. The table arrangements were huge hand tided bunches of leaves and greenery, with the aim of creating a forest inside the tent.


We had out wedding at home, Culquha House, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. A very special place for the me and my family, bought by my late grandfather, who had plans of moving over from Northern Ireland to run the farm. Both my father and me have grew up here. My sister (also made of honour) got married in the same spot 2 years previous.


All decorations were styled and handmade by the me, my mum, family and usherette team. The ceremony rope backdrop was inspired by florist Tribes & Pines (Portland, OR, USA) but handmade by me.


The decorations and whole theme of the wedding was focused around a relaxed woodland vibe. I have grown up loving nature and the great outdoors and fell truly for Myles when he too shared a passion for the outdoors. About to start a masters in land management, I wanted to channel a natural woodland theme throughout the wedding with Scot’s Pine sapplings as wedding favours and a ‘create your own flower crown’ station. We hoped that our guests would feel completely at home from the very start and relax into the wonderful day.

Cake Maker

The wedding hand was handmade as well as the decorations by the Grooms mother. The cake was split into 3 different layers, set onto varied heights of wooden stumps to add a twist to the usual traditional 3 tier cake.


The food by Duke Street Cookery School was all served ‘family style’ on large sharing platters between 9 people. This meant that guests had to interact with each other and helped to echo our desire for every- one to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Non matching dresses, each dress was purchased via ASOS but from different designers, including Needle & Thread, Maya, TNFC and ASOS own brand. The aim was to have a mix of dresses along the same colour scheme, so that each dress could perfectly fit and match each bridesmaid in style and character. The finished product worked much better and looked even more beautiful than we could have imaged.


Having the Myles wear a traditional Scottish outfit was very important to us (we also think men just look dang good in kilts, eh?). WE wanted to keep the Groom and best man (brothers) in the family tartan, and therefore to make them stand out matched the remaining groomsman in a muted MacDonald.


The ceremony was joint between my minister and the Myles's school chaplin, which was very special. During the ceremony, the my father decided to do an unconventional speech! When the mister says “who give this woman?” And the Father normally says “I do”, My dad instead said “I’d like to take this moment to say a little something, Fathers are often too quick to give away their daughter”. It was a very moving and emotional speech which made all the guests both shed a tear and let out a hearty chuckle. At the end of each row was a bottle of Champagne and nearing the end of the ceremony while the minister said “you may now kiss your bride”, those guests sitting at the end of the rows popped the bottles and poured a glass! This was the most perfect moment and gave a natural break for every guest and wedding party members to stop and rest on the commitment which had just taken place.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: St Patrick | Bridal Boutique: Simply Exquisite Bridal | Earrings: Kattrin Design | Engagement Ring: Finnies | Wedding Band: C Gordon Design | Bridal Shoes: Steve Madden | Groomsmen: Quality Kilts | Bridesmaids: Needle & Thread | Maya | TFNC | ASOS own brand | Marquee: Maverick Marquees | Bouquets: Lorraine Graham Flowers | Buttonholes: Johnston Florists | Caterer: Dukes Street Group | Stationery: Rachel Delap | Band: The Midnight Specials | Videographer: Lewis Roseweir & Andy Ashworth

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