Let's be honest - we all love a little social media scroll/stalk. It's especially hard not to go overboard when you're planning a wedding when there's so much out there. Minutes can easily turn to hours. Before you know it, you've pinned an entirely different wedding to the one you're actually planning... But fear not, we're here to help you turn social media time into wedding planning time, with 10 easy steps. Read on for our guide on how to plan your dream wedding using social media...

Let's get you planning your wedding with the help of social media!


Not to toot our own horn, but following Follow Rock My Wedding on social media is a great place to start. Alongside the plethora of wedding inspiration, we've also got great planning tips for every aspect of your day. Find us on InstagramPinterestFacebookTwitter and TikTok for all kinds of planning help. Setting up alerts is a great way to ensure that you never miss a post, and therefore never miss out on some much-needed inspiration! Make sure to like, comment and save posts and pictures too, so that we always appear in your newsfeed and you don't miss out on some of our (if we do say so ourselves) brilliant posts.


Social media is a great way to find your own style by flicking through the plethora of different vibes and aesthetics available to you. Once found, follow wedding accounts that appeal to your style. That way you'll get bits of inspo daily on your feed. Whilst there are LOTS of platforms out there - following too many can become overwhelming. Stick to the ones that you find inspiring but relatable.


Browse and follow hashtags on social media to fine-tune the details for your big day. Think #blushpinkbridesmaidsdresses, #ginbar, #weddingfavours, #somethingblue, #YourDayYourWay, #RockMyWeddingRecommended - you get the idea. Write a list of words that pertain to your theme, and slap a hashtag in front of them. Have a search and you'll find plenty of inspiration that fits in with your theme.


Think you’re too cool for Facebook? Think again. There's a reason it's still the most popular form of social media today! The ‘ask for recommendations’ feature is great, especially when it comes to finding suppliers like bands or caterers. Remember, personal testimonials count for everything. You can have a look through reviews and recommendations to ensure you're getting the right suppliers!


Create a separate Pinterest board for each area of your wedding (i.e. flowers, dresses, stationery). Doing this makes it easier to share your vision with suppliers and helps keep your ideas in order. We suggest creating private boards, unless you’re happy with Joan in the office seeing all your ideas! Finally, when saving pictures, make sure you say what you like about them. Is it the flowers? The table runner? Or the hanging basket in the corner? Trust us, after you’ve pinned a few (or a few thousand) you’ll forget why you liked it in the first place... When getting ideas from Pinterest, it's always important to click on the link to see more. They aren't just single images, there's a whole article, supplier credit list and lots more information ideas associated!


Be ruthless with Pinterest and all forms of social media. Initially, it’s great to have lots of boards filled with inspiration. With the billions of images available, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Therefore, narrowing down your choices and searches and finding your real wedding style is essential.

Doing your homework on suppliers is really important. Social media allows you to fully vet them against your own standards. This makes finding someone perfect for your day much easier! Regardless of their area in the wedding industry, making sure you get on with and trust your suppliers is of the utmost importance. Our Recommended Suppliers page works wonders, too. Besides that, we've got a fantastic article on finding the best wedding suppliers for you.


Reach out to suppliers! Whilst social media gives you direct contact with suppliers instantaneously, it's easy for DMs to get lost. That's why we suggest using our Recommended Suppliers directory to reach out to them. You'll find loads of great FAQs that may answer questions you have, as well as testimonials and more info. You can find their social media platforms as well as their website, so it's a great place to find all the info you need to contact the suppliers you love. We also recommend writing down a list of questions you'd like to ask potential suppliers. Or better still here are some we prepared earlier to ask your venuephotographerflorist and caterer. You're welcome. 


You don't have to do this alone! Have you ever torn your hair out trying to decide between two very similar yet very different colour schemes? Get opinions from the people you love! Having a shared Pinterest board, Facebook group or just tagging people close to you in posts on Instagram or TikTok helps keep everyone in the loop.


Create a wedding hashtag to get guests excited about the big day by following your planning journey. This not only works as a constant reminder for your upcoming big day, but it also means you can get input from people close to you. It will also be great to look back on your hashtag post-wedding to see how far you've come, and how it all came together in the end. Tissues, please! You can use the same hashtag on your wedding day too - collating all pictures from planning to partying!

Planning your wedding doesn't have to be difficult, especially with your phone at hand!

So, there are our 10 fail-safe ways on using social media to plan your wedding. If you want to find your wedding photographer through other means rather than social media - fret not. We've got a great article on the best wedding photographers of 2022. Finally, it's not just the wedding that needs planning. The best man has lots to do, too! Luckily for you, our guide to all of the best man duties will help you out to no avail.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

Venue : Nancarrow Farm

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