We're back with our second instalment of our brand new Day in the Life series where we chat to our incredible Recommended suppliers all about what they get up to. Today, we’re chatting with a gorgeous bridesmaid dress supplier, Rewritten Bridesmaids! Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses is a bridesmaid dress supplier based in East London with stunning collections of inclusive bridesmaid dresses. In this series, we discuss trends, advice, pricing, and some more personal details about the supplier we’re talking to! So, grab a cuppa and keep your phone next to you because this inspiration is so good, you'll be booking a visit.

A day in the life with wedding bridesmaid dress supplier, Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses!

1. How did you get into the bridesmaids/bridal dress industry?

Best friends Fran and Katie were both engaged and getting married around a similar time. At that time, they were both looking for bridesmaid dresses that were contemporary and also inclusive of plus sizes. Both Fran and Katie had a group of bridesmaids made up of different shapes and sizes and they wanted to find dresses they liked, but also dresses their bridesmaids would love and feel comfortable in. At the time, there wasn't much in the market. Fran and Katie created Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses with all of this in mind! They created a collection that is size inclusive and can be mix 'n' matched so your bridesmaids don't all have to wear the same dress.

2. What does an average day in the life working at Rewritten look like for you?

In the heart of East London, you'll find Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses. There are two parts to Rewritten. There's the behind-the-scenes you don't see, and the part customers see when they come to us to try on bridesmaid dresses. An average day at Rewritten HQ is always a fun one! Co-founder, Fran, will usually spend her day hand-drawing new dress designs. Charlotte, in production, will be working with our suppliers and other creative studios in the area to make these designs into dresses. The customer care team are answering enquiries and ensuring everyone's dress orders are packed up beautifully and sent out on time. For marketing, Ella will be planning our next campaign/photoshoot, or creating content for socials. The rest of the team meticulously works away at their desks, ensuring the other many different aspects of the business are running smoothly. 

3. How far in advance should couples book you/enquire with you?

We recommend you visit us for a try-on appointment between 4-6 months before the wedding. Our dresses are all in stock and not made to order, so if you do leave it until only a few weeks before, this is still enough time to get dresses to you!

4. What is the skill set required to be a bridesmaid dress designer?

When designing bridesmaid dresses, the main skill you need is having experience in fashion design. Designing for bridesmaids is similar in ways to designing other womenswear, but there is a lot more to it. You always need to have in mind who you're designing for when designing a dress, and it is so important to keep up to date with wedding trends to know what to design next and bring into the collection.

5. What’s the most rewarding aspect of your day/job?

We absolutely love being sent photo albums from couples' weddings after the big day and receiving such amazing feedback. It's so rewarding to hear that not only did the dresses get so many compliments, but the bridesmaids felt comfortable all day in their dresses.

6. What do you wish more couples knew about bridesmaid dresses?

Bridesmaids don't all need to wear the same dress. We are huge advocates of a mix 'n' match look and it's a huge trend within weddings, which is here to stay.

7. What current trends are you seeing within bridesmaid dresses?

Satin bridesmaids dresses have been on trend for a while now and they are a real modern alternative if you want your bridesmaids to wear something a bit less classic. We can't get enough of this trend - it seems to be in every season and we love that satin looks great in so many different shades and styles.

8. How do you get inspired/get in the zone?

Co-founder and designer, Fran, loves being inspired by nature and beautiful places around the world. From favourite European cities to Greek islands, all of the dresses in our bridesmaid's collection are named after places that our fabulous Rewritten founders - Fran and Katie - have travelled to, either together or separately with their friends and families.

9. What are your lowest and highest price packages/options?

Our bridesmaid dresses range from £120-£140, and our bridesmaid jumpsuits are £150.

10. What advice would you give others looking to get into this field?

Make your brand and your styles unique. There are a lot of high street brands that produce in mass, but brides looking for independent brands will be grateful to find you when they find that you are unique.

11. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We offer a contemporary twist to classic bridesmaid's dressing and offer a collection of dresses at affordable prices. Our dresses come in multiple styles in each block colour way, so you can mix 'n' match dresses across your bridal party. That way, everyone is comfortable in a dress they love and will want to wear again after the wedding.

11 insightful questions with wedding supplier, Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses!

Rewritten Bridesmaid Dresses are always a brand we love to shout about because of how inclusive they are! Not only are the dresses available in plus sizes, but the styles are so diverse that you'll find a flattering and comfortable style for you! As they said, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a fantastic way of making everyone feel good. Plus, Rewritten Bridesmaids are right about satin bridesmaid dresses being popular! We have a full satin bridesmaid dress roundup to prove it!

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