Ok, so this wedding required a weekend feature because I need you to promise me that you're going to watch the video. You need to make sure the sound is up loud and that you're sitting comfortably. This isn't one for sneakily viewing while you're supposed to be working. When I first watched it I got real life goosebumps and shivers and I want you to have the same feelings. So this needs to be watched properly. Maru Films have blown me away and I can only imagine how special this must be for the gorgeous couple, Lene & Russ. If you're looking for a wedding videographer with a real cinematic quality, then look no further...
{The Film}

The Couple

Maru Videographers: Lene and Russ, their wedding was not something that just happened. Lene is from Norway and Russ is from America and they met each other in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2008. Lene was Miss Norway and Russ was there to support his sister who happened to be Miss USA. They both noticed each other already then, but what came out of it was just a friendship. It wasn’t until 2 years later when they met again in New York where Russ lived at that time. He invited her to his New Year’s party and she was charmed. That was also the night where their interest in each other really sparked and a relationship began. They have been together since that night.

Long Distance Love

Coming from two different countries is not always easy, and they have had to go through a long distance relationship. Where it started from New York to Norway they both moved around the world to locations like Singapore and Australia. However, when you meet the love of your life, it doesn’t matter where you come from or how many obstacles you have to go through to be together. They now live in Manhattan, New York together with their lovely dog Maya.

A Norway Wedding

As mentioned Lene’s roots are in Norway, Stavanger to be specific. It’s also the place where Russ proposed to Lene on Thanksgiving in 2015 and with a large part of Lene’s family living there, for them it was enough reason to get married in Stavanger. For all the guests coming from the US (most of them had never been to Norway) this was very much a destination wedding. This town is located on the west coast of Norway, surround by incredible mountains and the ocean. With enough time to plan they decided they wanted the ceremony to take place on a small private island (Natvigs Minde) just outside the harbour of Stavanger. It used to be the place where they built boats, many of these buildings still remain there. But before the wedding day, they took the whole wedding party on a cruise around the Norwegian fjords. This way the guests got to know each other, which created an amazing atmosphere.

On The Day

The wedding day started with them preparing at their hotel in separate rooms. However their first look was planned on a very beautiful location just outside the city, on the waterside surrounded by mountains. This created such a beautiful moment. Russ was really nervous and you could tell. With Lene coming closer and closer the nerves were slowly building up and he was so happy to finally see her in her wedding gown. “You are so beautiful” were the first words coming out of his mouth. After that it was time to get some nice pictures in this amazing environment, taking a boat to another small remote island for some more pictures and head to Natvigs Minde after. Where the guests were transported by boat to the island. This is where they had a beautiful and emotional ceremony, with a string quartet playing the intro song from Game of Thrones while the guests took their seats. During the vows Russ even learned some Norwegian (which Lene did not know about) and impressed everyone.

The Reception

The rest of the day was also spent on the island, which was very well decorated with inspiration taken from the natural environment and with a nice big party tent for people to cover during the unpredictable weather in Norway. This was also where the reception, dinner and the party was, where people continued until the boat picked them up late in the night.

Post Wedding Hike

A few days after we went along to do a after wedding shoot, with the videographers and the photographers. We went to Preikestolen to hike to the top and to enjoy the amazing view of the Norwegian fjords. Unfortunately the weather didn’t allow to enjoy the view, due to the dense fog and rain. None the less we got some great footage of Norway which provides more context to the whole wedding. Lene and Russ are such amazing and kind people, it’s beyond believe. They utterly enjoyed every single moment of the wedding weekend and each other during that time, and it shows. Norway impressed us all, and is an amazing place to get married.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Videography: Maru Films | Second Shooter: Tone Tvedt | Bride: Leanne Marshall | Veil: Jaclyn Jordan NYC | Florist: Solvberget Blomster | Venue, Styling & Catering: Natvigs Minde | Groom: Ascot Chang

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