"Pablo Laguia was our photographer and well just look at the photos!... Every picture I loved had this beautiful feeling which I cannot describe" I couldn't agree more with bride Sanam. Just look at those gorgeous captures. Every one encapsulates a beautiful moment and you can't help feel right there with the gorgeous couple celebrating their destination wedding. Sanam is from Iran and Sebastian is from Germany so it was really important that both their cultures and heritages were included in the day. Mille Papillons wedding planners ensured this was executed perfectly, incorporating many traditions as well as their love for natural beauty. Now are you sitting comfortably? Because believe me you're not going to want to move from this beautiful day for quite a while.


Sanam the Bride: When we started thinking about our wedding we both agreed that a few things are important to us. We wanted to be outdoors, have great food, great music, a warm and fun party and obviously, a beautiful wedding. Having a multicultural wedding is of course amazing but it is also challenging to incorporate all that is important to both sides. Luckily my husband loved all our little Persian traditions so in the end we managed to incorporate everything that mattered to us both.

Wedding Planner

We decided to celebrate our wedding in Mallorca after a 10-day holiday - which was my first time on the island – although we already secured a venue in Los Angeles. We interviewed a few wedding planners and Mille Papillons were a recommendation from a friend who basically told me: no, you don’t need to interview anyone I have the right person for you and I must say after seeing their work and speaking to them for 5 minutes I was convinced that she was right. All throughout the yearlong planning every time we discussed designs or details I felt like they knew what I wanted without me saying it - even during the venue selection process. We narrowed it down to two extremely beautiful locations and at the end we all agreed on the same one. Looking back, we could not be any happier about the choices we made and how everything turned out.


My dress was a custom design by Lihi Hod. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the trunk show they had at “Browns Bride” in London. They were kind enough to make a few changes to the dress I liked to make it fit perfectly for me. I never wanted a ball gown dress even though I think they are beautiful but it wasn’t suitable for the style of wedding we wanted and not my personal taste. However, I still wanted something beautiful and glamourous and I cannot thank Lihi and Browns bride enough for making me the most beautiful dress ever. Even though I kept saying that I won’t keep my dress after the wedding, I am not sure if I will able to part with it (at least not at this stage).


I loved the idea of having two separate looks – one for the ceremony and one for the dinner and party but I did not like the idea of having two separate dresses (mainly because I loved mine so much so I decided to have different hairstyles). My veil was custom made at Browns Bride and my first headpiece is from Efrat Cassuto which I thought went beautifully with the veil. The flower crown was made by Le touquet. All the flowers I got to choose and even though I am sure I drove them mad with my requests ;) I am very grateful for the beautiful crown they made for me.

The Venue

I am not quite sure how to describe our venue Els Calderers, but it just felt right from the minute that our wedding planner drove us through the gates. The venue is stunning, it somehow seemed to have everything we wanted. This beautiful finca had it all. The scenery and backdrop is just stunning and every little corner was beautiful even without any wedding decoration. It had a wonderful place for the party and space for our stunning dinner table (we really liked the idea of a long, long table)...! We managed to keep every part of the ceremony secret until the right time, just to keep our guests excited throughout the wedding. At the same time everything was so logistically easy and well connected that it felt very effortless.

Colour Scheme/Décor

This would not have been possible without our amazing wedding planners Mille Papillons. They really went above and beyond. We wanted an authentic theme throughout and personally I liked greenery and wild flowers more than very made up arrangements and we said that we wanted everything to feel like it is part of the location. In the end, it truly felt like it. From the flowers, to the design of the ceremony, to the most beautiful dinner table I could have ever imagined. They did a stunning job. For our Persian ceremony table, everything was a family heirloom and my mother brought every piece all the way from California including a mirror which belonged to my grandmother. I know probably everyone would say this but I don’t know how I would have done everything without my mother, and of course my lovely ladies at Mille Papillon.


Can I just say that I only send some inspirational pictures and saw some rough ideas but once I met Francis with Mille Papillon I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about.

The Wedding Party Fashion

Teresa y Leticia made the beautiful dresses for my adorable flower girls and my amazing sister in law put the outfit together for the handsome page boys to match. My bridesmaids all wore their own dresses. I wanted them to all be in different colours and dresses and look unique. The idea was that they all should just wear what they love most and the only little thing which connected them all was a beautiful corsage on their wrists. I think everyone looked marvellous in their own personal way which made it much more special and personal for all of us.


We wanted to have a symbolic ceremony as our civil ceremony was back in the UK. My aunt was our officiant and she prepared the text for the ceremony herself and delivered the beautiful words in three different languages. So, we got to say yes three times! That ought to say we really really meant yes.


Paco Colombàs at Panela productions, and Marco Paul amazing! The first time we spoke to Paco he was so energetic both me and my husband thought we can’t wait for the wedding. We confirmed the date with him before we even had a venue. We had also been to events he was playing music at and they were always so fantastic. And Marco well he played my favourite Persian wedding song and he sang all the lyrics! (In Farsi)!! What else could I ask for. The most beautiful voice!


Amida Catering did our catering and we can’t be biased here because it was our wedding but every other person who attended the wedding said the food was the best they have ever had at a wedding and we could not agree more. My husband got so upset because he missed one of the canapes – and everyone said afterwards this one was particularly amazing – and while he was finishing his speech his dessert went missing as well ;). The canapes, the presentation and the dishes all amazing. I just wish I had eaten more!


Barbara Backenköhler THE BAKERY baked the most amazing cake I have ever tasted with Basil (Yes Basil!), Wild Berries, Cream Cheese and it looked gorgeous.


Pablo Laguia was our photographer and well just look at the photos!... I went up and down Instagram and Pinterest looking at wedding pictures for months and every picture I loved had this beautiful feeling which I cannot describe. When I scrolled down I always found Pablo’s name underneath it. so, I don’t know how we got so lucky to have him take our beautiful pictures.


HUMá06 took our wedding film and it makes us cry every time ... (ok my husband might kill me for saying this but it’s true) .... Just beautiful... I feel like I said that a lot! but it just was what can I say). Watching it makes us wish that we could go back in time and do it all again.


All hand drawn and designed by moi! I designed all the stationery, including the invitations, menu cards and thank you notes and made the logos and the wax seals. Let me know if you need my professional help.
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Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: Lili Hod | Bridal Boutique: Browns Bride | Headpiece: Tocados le touquet | Efrat Cassouto | Bridal Shoes: Castaner Bridal | Jewellery: Montecristo Jewellers Vancouver | Grooms Suit: Richard James Savile Row | Wedding Planner: Mille Papillons | Venue: Els Calderes | Bridesmaid Dresses: Teresa y Leticia | Catering: Gripo Amida | Videographer: HUMá06

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