Say It Because You Mean It.

We often receive emails from Rock My Wedding readers suggesting topics for posts – particularly if there is a specific W-day matter that is more than a little troublesome.

One subject that is high on the “giving you grief” agenda and frequently requested as a discussion point is ceremony readings. Now I’m no expert – really I’m not, so it was a welcome drop into my inbox when Rachel Dimond ( who’s gorgeous Big Day you can all see here) appeared with some words of wisdom and some simply BEAUTIFUL pieces…..all made “RMW Pretty” by the genius that is our Adam.

As well as being one of the first brides to feature in our Real Wedding section, Rachel is also the author of the very lovely Flowers And Stripes blog which is full to the brim with fabulous thoughts and quotes. If anyone can pick an amazing spot of wordage folks she can – truly.

Over to you Mrs Dimond…..

What makes a wedding different to a wonderful party celebrating a couple’s love for each other? the ceremony. For some choosing the passages to express their love is easy. For many, and include me here. Where to start? There are so, so many great poems and passages spanning centuries, decades, continents. How to find the ones which reflect you both as a couple? Which compliment your ceremony? Which reflect your journey to standing in front of each other this day saying ‘I do’?

In true RMW style – whatever ceremony you’re having it’s important to make this your ceremony. Passages that firstly speak to you and secondly gently give a glimpse of your love for each other to your guests.

Love has always existed. How better to show the longevity of love than with a passage from the 13th century?

On Love: Thomas à Kempis

There are many other great poems and passages from the 18th and 19th century. One thought though. Are they specifically a man speaking to a woman like this poem? If so then perhaps could your second passage be a woman to a man?

If thou must Iove me: 
Elizabeth Barrett Browing (1806-1861)

Moving into the twentieth century. I haven’t read this book but found this and stored it away. If you like this passage maybe read the book to confirm that you love where it comes from. When deciding on our passages I did read the whole of a George Eliot novel to only then decide not to use the passage. It felt important to know the context the passage was coming from.

From Gift From The Sea: Anne Morrow Lindbergh (b.1906)

And if poetry rocks your boat, and also my favourite….

I Do Not Love You: Pablo Neruda

I love the idea of everyone sitting up straight and really listening when they hear the opening lines ‘I do not love you’. I love the jewels. I love the flowers. Lastly, I love the day to day reality of falling asleep together.
So, a few petals of word confetti amidst a flurry of poems and passages which could be used.

The idea behind this post was to get you sharing the passages you are thinking of using (or used) to support each other in making your ceremony reflect who you are and let every guest, be it two or two hundred, know the love you share.

So please, share away.

A million thanks to Rachel for the inspiration – the last one was my favourite too.

Rachel made a very good point at the end of her email to me actually and that was that these tokens of love needn’t be restricted to just W-day. Would be equally as lovely in a card, little note or perhaps blown up onto a canvas for your wall.

Let us know if any of these examples took your fancy or what other pieces you have found for the Big Day, we would love to know.

Big Saying It Because I Mean It Love

Charlotte xxx

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