Every wedding is different and as a couple, you'll have priorities. Food and drink over flowers, live music over favours perhaps... Most of us have no idea how to split our wedding budget to make sure we've covered everything. By hugely popular demand, we're chatting about all things wedding budget related. You can listen to an episode all about wedding budgets on our podcast! We've created our own wedding budget planner to help you get to grips with financing your big day. Decide on your overall wedding budget, making sure you've added a little extra in for emergencies, and then use this breakdown to plan all of the aspects of your day...

Don't forget to plan for those unexpected costs in your wedding budget...





Factor in alteration costs - for your dress, for the groom’s suit and potentially for the bridesmaid's dresses too. The alteration costs can sometimes be more than what you paid for the outfit! And don’t forget accessories, even if these are covered for you by your something old, new, borrowed and blue, your bridesmaids will need shoes, pretty hair accessories, and bags (mainly so you can stash your make-up in one of them).


From the very start you’ll be driving around, visiting venues, wedding fairs, going to menu and cake tastings, dress fittings etc. Remember to factor in fuel costs, even if the journey is short, these expenses will slowly sneak up on you. As well as your travel - check whether you’ll be responsible for paying for your supplier’s on-the-day travel costs too.


It’s very easy to get carried away with extravagant and beautiful favours, but remember that EACH GUEST will need one. This can easily add up but don't forget that there are plenty of budget options for wedding favours. From DIY ideas, hand-grown succulents, and mini liquor bottles, to donations to charity. You'll find something that fits the vibe of your wedding and your budget. Don’t forget that traditionally the wedding party should receive thank you gifts too.


The venue is probably the most likely place for unexpected costs to occur. If your venue allows you to provide your own drink, that’s great - but check how much corkage is. Other extra charges to look into include cake cutting and the cleanup and breakdown of the venue, or if this is covered by your venue charge. Another good tip is to make sure you know the times that you’re allowed in and out, as you may be charged extra for overrunning. If you’re having a marquee or tent wedding, lighting is essential! When night falls it will be really dark and nothing makes the venue more magical than some fairy lights. Often forgotten, sound equipment is very important. Making sure people can hear the speeches and that the band is properly rigged is key to creating the right atmosphere!


If you’ve bought a first-class stamp lately, then you’ll know that posting out save the dates, invitations and thank you cards to hundreds of guests is going to be expensive. And don’t forget to check with the post office that the postage is correct - if you’ve got fancy stationery with lots of added bits like menu choices, RSVPs and maps/directions to your venue, then you may have to pay a little more.


Okay, so most of us aren’t going to forget about hair and makeup on the day - but remember to factor in treatments in your wedding budget for the days and weeks running up to the wedding for you and for your partner! That perfect hair cut and colour, facial, waxing, nails, tan, lashes... The list is endless. Plus, don't forget underwear and maybe you'll have a new robe and slippers for the morning, too. Another special detail that some couples like to include is a signature wedding scent. That's right, a new perfume or cologne just for your special day.

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