With intimate weddings becoming more and more common place, we decided you needed a little small wedding music inspiration! So, we enlisted the help of Recommended supplier, Sound Generation, for all your needs. Anyways, cue the music and let’s get started… 

Small wedding music inspiration for your intimate day

Music really helps to set the tone and create an atmosphere on your wedding day, no matter what size your wedding party is. The wedding band/music is very often the thing that guests talk about afterwards, so it’s really important to get it right. Don’t worry if you’re not a music aficionado, we’re here to help advise on what will work best! Here are some of our suggestions for small wedding music inspiration. 

In the wake of Covid-19, whilst many couples have reluctantly had to scale back their wedding plans, some have actually seen the benefits of a more intimate gathering. As a result, micro-weddings are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Choosing to have an intimate wedding certainly doesn’t mean it will be any less significant. Some of the most intimate weddings I’ve been to have actually felt the most impactful. And there are plenty more positives to take from going micro with your wedding. With fewer guests to accommodate, a smaller wedding can be less stressful to organise, and you’ll be able to spend more quality time with each of your guests. You can also make your wedding budget go much further and splash out on the finer details. One of those details is the music.

Sound Generation


Works Well For: Drinks Reception/Wedding Breakfast

Instrumental music works well whilst you and your guests are socialising. For instance, at the drinks reception or during the wedding breakfast. A classical string quartet would be perfect, and repertoire could include classical pieces and modern songs to keep the set varied. A jazz trio is another good option! Or for something a bit different, a gypsy jazz band would be great for creating a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Example: ESQ, Nouveau Boheme, London Jazz Trio


Works Well For: Ceremony/Drinks Reception/Wedding Breakfast

The harp really is a showstopper of an instrument – it looks and sounds beautiful, and can add more of an ethereal feel to your wedding. Again, a harpist would work well whilst you and your guests are socialising, and could also be a perfect addition to the ceremony itself. Example: Harpist 


Works Well For: Ceremony/Drinks Reception/Wedding Breakfast

If there’s a piano at the venue then a pianist would be a fantastic option at your wedding. Alternatively, a pianist with a keyboard and a baby grand piano shell can work well too. A solo guitarist would also provide a lovely ambience. We have some brilliant classical, contemporary and flamenco guitarists, so whatever your stylistic preference, we have it covered. Examples: Dom (guitar), Ed (piano), Baby Grand Piano Shell Hire


Works Well For: Drinks Reception/Evening Reception

Ideally (and if guidance allows it), you and your guests will want an opportunity to let your hair down and have a dance (remember when dancing was a thing?) We’d suggest a solo artist, someone who sings and plays guitar, or an acoustic duo. You might even want to consider a small band e.g singer, bass, guitar/piano and drums/percussion. Examples: Laura, Antony, JJ & The Soul Fish, Briggs Street Players


Works Well For: Drinks Reception/Evening Reception

Whilst you might not have a packed-out dance floor, a DJ can still create a party vibe for you and your guests. A DJ is always preferable to a playlist, as they can respond to what music your wedding guests are enjoying most and follow their lead on the night. With a small party you can potentially cut back on the equipment that’s required, making it a more cost effective option too. Examples: Callum, Matt. 

5 Quick Tips: Make sure you book your music entertainment well in advance as musicians can get booked up very quickly. If your budget is limited, then a well-curated playlist can work well during the wedding breakfast. If you’re booking an evening band/DJ, perhaps consider your guests’ musical tastes as well as your own. Try to pick songs/pieces personal to you both for the ceremony and first dance. The evening entertainment should really be the highpoint, so make sure you allocate enough budget for it.

Sound Generation

So, there you have it! Some incredible small wedding music inspo from recommended supplier, Sound Generation. If you want to stay on the music side of things, then take a look at this article on choosing a wedding band. Or, head on over to our podcast, all about getting your party playlist ready! We’re just about set to start dancing on tables… 

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Written by Ella Turner

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