You would be forgiven for thinking this magical snowy wedding was a scene from a heart-warming romantic movie. But the likes of Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts could never compete with the real romance of Eleanor and George's intimate day. After deciding they couldn't wait a moment longer to be married, they embraced the restrictions and spontaneously booked a covid-secure town hall wedding with 12 of their closest friends and family. This beautiful day is a lesson in embracing all the things you can't plan for. Who knows, it might even make your wedding better than you ever imagined!

Beautiful snowy wedding and dried flower bouquet

It's your day so focus on what you want. We could have waited months or years to have what we thought was our perfect day. But it turned out to be perfectly different, and that's what made it so special. Truly a day we will never forget!

Eleanor & George


Eleanor always knew she wanted a rustic boho vibe and a dried flower bouquet, which turned out to be perfect for a snowy wedding! But being able to keep them after the day made them all the more memorable. The fur coat added a touch of glamour over her ethereal dress, and absolutely came into it's own in the snowy scenes at Cannon Hall. George's touch of tartan in his waistcoat and bow tie was serving us all the style we never knew we needed. But the umbrella had to win the prize for most useful accessory.


Fiery waves paired with fresh and glowy make up had her photographer proclaiming Eleanor a wintery greek goddess. We have to say we wholeheartedly agree. A touch of glitter on her eyes and the simple star drop headband brought some magic (as if they needed any more of that...) matching the sparkly block heels that were perfect for twirling around the grounds. Any hair that can hold up in the snow is a must for us, never mind a look as glam as this. Kelly please pass on your secrets...

Summer isn't the only season for beautiful weddings. A winter wedding can be just as special and memorable.

It felt particularly special as all the weddings we have been to have been summer weddings. So for our own to be a snowy wedding in the midst of winter made it feel so magical!

Eleanor & George

So there you have it, it turns out the movies don't always exaggerate. We have a whole bunch of snowy weddings to convince you that a winter wedding could be the one. If you're really tempted, we even have an article with tips on how to plan a stylish winter wedding. We can't guarantee the snow, but the magic of winter will make a day you'll never forget!

Helena Milsom

Written by Helena Milsom

Venue: Cannon Hall | Photography: Tip Toe with Eve | Florist: Artisan Dried Flowers | Hair Stylist : Kelly Hanks | Wedding Dress: WED2B | Fur Coat: New Look | Headband: Accessorize | Grooms Suit: Next | Shoes: New Look

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