If you like your fashion, then you're going to LOVE this wedding. Solveig and Kenneth have created a minimal, stylish wedding with touches of greenery and seriously impressive sartorial's a total feast for the fashion eyes. The cool couple chose a gorgeous garden community venue, with views across the sea and held their ceremony outdoor, perfectly in-keeping with their green colour scheme. Enjoy this one lovelies, it's all about simple, stylish choices and relishing time with friends and family.

The Bride

Patricia The Bride: I did not want to spend a lot of money on my dress, and my style is also not typical I wanted to split my dress in two, with a white skirt to get the wedding dress feel, but with a different colour top to contrast. I found a beautiful, green lace body from Danish brand Ganni, and a maxi tulle skirt from ASOS which fitted me perfectly. I also got myself some new heels from Acne Studios which I chose with future use in mind ;) As a purse I had a simple black leather clutch from Moss Copenhagen. I wanted to have an intimate and fun prep time together with my friends and mom, so we had the prep at my parent's house, not far from the venue. We did our makeup here, and the florist did the bouquet here as well. I did my own makeup and hair, and also my maid of honours hair. Kenneth also had his prep at his friend's house with his best mates.

The Groom & Wedding Party

Kenneth got his suit at Samsøe & Samsøe which is also a Danish brand, shirt from Swedish NN07, tie from COS and a polka dot pocket square from H&M. His shoes where some previously bought tan leather shoes from ALDO. My maid of honor had a beautiful green dress from Samsøe & Samsøe with a lace back, that happened to match me perfectly. We all had Scandinavian brands almost from top to bottom, Kenneth's brother, and best man also in a Norwegian suit, Danish shoes and Swedish shirt.

The Venue

When we started planning our wedding Kenneth & I agreed on it being a very small and intimate wedding with only our friends and parents. The venue was very important to us, as we wanted a laid back style with the possibility of having the ceremony and reception at the same place, and the ability to bring our own food and homebrew. We went for a retro garden community house at the beach Ølberg, on the west coast of Norway, where we both are from. Here we where able to have a simple garden style ceremony on a lawn just outside the main building where the dinner and party was at. We where super happy with our venue choice, as it turned out perfect for both the ceremony, a simple dinner setup, and a bar area with the perfect space for dancing and beer pong.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was very simple and we didn't want it to be very long, so we only had the mandatory parts to cut it down. But walking up and down the aisle we had Kenneth's best mates playing for us. They did Joy Divisions Ceremony for me and my dad, and The Cures 'Boys Don't Cry' for me and Kenneth. It was so amazing and special!

The Reception

We also wanted to keep it simple and untraditional for the reception, so we chose to not have a master of ceremonies, as we had no speeches, no cake slicing, first dance etc. So we just had music, and some casual games for the guests to interact. We had my Dad's old 80s Cerwin Vega speakers set up in the reception area on which we shuffled a huge playlist put together by us and all of the guests. The playlist had been open for a couple of months leading up to the wedding and was shared with all of the guests so that everyone had something to their taste. We split this up in to dinner music and party music. So when the beer pong was mid way, we switched to the party bit, and everyone ended up dancing!

The Decor

The decor was very simple and minimal, as is our style. We kept old beer bottles, sauce jars and tins for almost a year during the planning (we ate a lot of tomato sauce and corn!) that we ended up using as candle holders and vases. I had massive help from my mother in law who got tiny succulents for every guest and planted them in the jars as party favours. The colour scheme was white and green, which went nicely with the teak window sills and brown glass bottles holding both the flowers and the homebrew.

The Flowers

Initially I was planning on DIY-ing everything, also the bouquet, but that plan drastically changed when I invited my friend Bjørn to the wedding. Bjørn is a florist and, I'm not gonna lie, rolled his eyes when I told him I was doing it myself. So he was put on the job of making my bouquet, and I'm so glad he did! He told him I wanted something simple, and not to fancy, but clean and preferably only white and greens. It turned out so nice, and also very special as it was made with flowers picked from my mom and mother in laws gardens. He also made my maid of honour a gorgeous flower crown. We also used flowers from their gardens for the table, the ceremony aisle and as decoration for the cake.

The Food

The cake was made by my maid of honour , who is a trained pastry chef, as a wedding gift to us. Malene made us a delicious two-story mousse cake with passion fruit/coconut, and chocolate/raspberry covered in white chocolate and decorated with the garden flowers. All of the food was made by ourselves, our Moms, my maid of honour and her Mom. There was so much food, it really felt like a feast, as we put everything out buffet style, and the guests could eat as they pleased. Since we had a buffet, we chose not to have dessert, and only have a cake spread with some fruit and snacks. The cakes and snacks was made by my mom, mother in law and sister in law. And mother in law also made elderflower lemonade, which we also used in the mimosas as a welcome drink. The bar, with the wooden barrel keg with deer antlers, was powered by our fathers, and was the main attraction of the wedding party. My dad had in the year leading up to the wedding brewed three kinds of beer for us, one lager, an IPA ordered by Kenneth and a stout requested by me. It was important to us that we could offer unlimited alcohol for our guests, and the beer was a wedding gift from my parents.

The Photography

As I am a wedding photographer myself, hiring a photographer for our wedding goes without saying. And that it was going to be Ingeborg at Glitter & Twigs was also evident for me. She is a friend, and also a very good photographer, who nails the moments as well as the details. Even though our wedding wasn't packed in details, she really did an amazing job at making it look just like it did in my head, and I am so thankful for her! She was also a guest at our party, and since I wanted her to enjoy the party along with the other guests, we laid out a few analog cameras for people to use freely during the evening.

The Rings

Our wedding bands and my engagement ring was made as a gift for us by Kenneth's father, who is a silver smith. He made my engagement ring from Kenneth's own drawings, and our wedding bands he hand engraved with our initials. He also made my maid of honour a ring, which I gave her as a bridesmaids gift.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: ASOS | Shoes: Acne Studios | Flowers: Bjorn Norman Jensen | Venue: Olberg Strandhager | Bridesmaid, Groom & Groomsmen: Samsoe & Samsoe | Stationery : Kenneth Knutsen (the Groom)

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