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How Much Does A Wedding Band Cost To Hire?

Entertainment Nation is one of the UK’s most trusted wedding entertainment agencies. Founded by two experienced wedding musicians with the mission of giving outstanding service to brides and grooms in search of their perfect wedding entertainment, they started out with a website, a few bands and the willingness to go the extra mile for their clients.

Since those humble beginnings, they’ve grown to represent hundreds of the UK’s most talented wedding bands, musicians, DJs and entertainers, while still retaining their commitment to offering the best possible service to each and every couple they work with, which is why they come highly recommended by RMW…

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Booking Your Wedding Band Or DJ {Advice From The Experts}

Finding a great live band or DJ for your wedding can be one of the most time consuming aspects of planning your big day. As well as actually choosing from the plethora of musicians out there, there are ALL the questions too. Should you take the plunge and book an act? Or should you save the money and curate a playlist? What type of music works best for the ceremony? And how about the reception? What happens if something goes wrong? What actually is gypsy jazz?!

With this in mind, we interviewed James at Sound Generation, leading music agency for weddings and events. As well as some excellent recommendations for musicians, bands and DJs for your big day, James sheds the light on our questions plus much, much more…

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First Dance Songs For Weddings From The RMW Readers

It’s a well known fact that RMW readers have the best taste in music. You lovely lot always astonish us with the originality of your first dance choices, the variety of live entertainment you chose and the thought that goes into throwing an incredible party for your guests. From steel bands, to brass bands, acoustic guitar players to harpists, you’ve pretty much shown us it all. So, if you’re searching for first dance inspiration then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Whether you’re asking your band to learn a song, or using a playlist, below you’ll find the ultimate list of first dance songs for your wedding, as used by the amazing RMW readers. Accompanied of course, by the RMW first dance Spotify playlist. Hit that play button and turn it up loud…

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RMW Real Bride {Vicky & Oli: Entertainment}

Hey lovelies, hope everyone is enjoying some of the gorgeous weather we’ve had this week, and unlike me avoided any t-shirt tan lines! Todays blog is all about what we have chosen for entertainment for our big day so that all our amazing guests, as well as of us of course, have simply best day ever.

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RMW Rates – Say Fromage.

Wedding guests love a bit of interaction – if you can provide them with a game, an inventive icebreaker or something they can just have a bit of fun with then enjoyment levels will hit the roof and that’s when things really start to rock.

The trusty photo booth provides all of these things in a handy box. I love them and today Tom, one of the big cheeses from Say Fromage, is here to tell you about the service they provide.

Tom: Taking your sweetheart into a photo booth has been captured on the silver screen time and time again.

Say Fromage has reinvented this nostalgia and brought it back into the 21st century. Our streamline take on the traditional, passport photo booth is compact enough to fit into the smallest of spaces, but big enough to fit up to 5 – 6 people into.

And with our unique, interactive touchscreen, once you’ve finished taking your picture on the inside of the photo booth, the fun carries on outside as you share the images through Facebook, email and prints.

Your guests will have endless laughs during your photo booth hire. We’ll capture all those moments by creating unlimited, professional-quality pictures so that everybody takes home lasting reminders of the occasion.

The Say Fromage photo booth hire service is slick and efficient. The compact photo booth can be set up within an hour and taken down in even less time. We provide a well-groomed, friendly host to make sure your guests get the most out of the Say Fromage photo booth hire.

Our charming hosts can even help you create a photo guestbook, making a lovely memento that will be enjoyed for years.

There’s so much we can do to match the theme of your wedding, from choosing the background, personalising your prints with a message or even a themed dressing up box.

Our unrivaled offer of unlimited prints ensures everyone can take a print home.

The website has an easy-to-use gallery, open to your guests the very next day so everyone can see, share and save their pictures.

We’ll also send you a memory stick of all the photos for you to keep.

Say Fromage can help make your event truly unforgettable.

Thanks Tom, Loving some of those moments that the Say Fromage booth has captured. I’m guessing as every hour of the evening goes by, the booth gets progressively more popular and the content it churns out becomes progressively more… Well, interesting!

Who is planning on having a photo booth then?


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If Music Be The Food Of Love, Rock On.

Music is my life, outside of wedding blogging of course!

I listen to music all day long, usually alternating between Spotify and 6music. Sometimes I even play a bit myself (badly I might add).

So if it came to planning my own wedding day, you could guarantee that music would play a big, big part in the festivities.

I guess the first thing to say is that music is a very personal thing, so I’m not about to make any recommendations on whether you should be having a live music or a DJ or choosing this particular genre over that one. That is not what this post is about.

On a very generic “advice” level I would strongly advise you to see your potential wedding entertainment in action, if at all possible – going on a few minutes of MP3 played from a website could be a risky business. But that is where the advice ends.

Hey Mr DJ

It is becoming really popular to ask your guests to contribute to your wedding playlist – it’s a good way of ensuring you cater for everyone and a great way to get feet on the dancefloor.

You could make a little space for song suggestions on your Save The Date’s or if you are feeling particularly technically minded (and your guests are switched on) you could even set up collaborative playlist online. Online music applications like Spotify allow for your guests to simply drag and drop their favourite songs into your playlist at the click of a mouse.

Of course – this could lead to some dodgy suggestions and you may prefer to create your own playlist without compromise – don’t feel the need to try and please everyone. If the party is in full swing no-one is going to notice the lack of Aunty Maureen’s favourite Simply Red track.

If you are looking for some playlist inspiration you could always have a peek at Charlotte’s iPod Playlist.

Play It Again Sam

If you are the musically creative type, you could always get up and have a go yourself. Natalie joined her husband Jez and close friend Mike to perform a few songs for their family and friends on their wedding day.

If you want to avoid the limelight but you have a budding Ed Sheeran or Adele in the family then you could always give them a nudge and see if they will perform. Families do love that sort of thing. Nan’s especially!

At Chris and Joe’s Cotswold Wedding a young family member sang a few impromptu songs with an acoustic guitar and we heard via the photographers that it was one of the most moving parts of the day for everyone there.

Your musical entertainment can be as informal and relaxed as you like, Stephen and Julia decided to have a really chilled open mic set-up at their reception, in between sets by a hired musician, anyone was free to get up and have a go.

I love this idea, a little bit hippy and a little bit geeky but definitely very cool. And I imagine this sort of set-up could get rather more interesting as the ale starts flowing.

Theme Tunes

You might let your musical tastes slip out subtly on your big day, or you could let them dictate the entire wedding theme. It’s up to you how far you go.

A really nice subtle concept that goes back (all those years!) to the O’Shea big day is the idea of incorporating music into your wedding stationery. You could name each table after your favourite bands or give every table it’s own musical genre. Or, as Charlotte did, you could name the tables after your favourite songs.

The Table naming did cause a little controversy…

Charlottes Nan: Charlotte! your father tells me you are naming your head table sex something or other! is he joking?!

Charlotte: It’s Sex on Fire Nan – after the song… You know, don’t worry though you won’t be sat on that one, you’ll be sat on Mr Brightside… Not literally obviously, I mean the table named Mr Brightside….

And if subtlety is not your bag then just flippin’ go for it! Stage the whole shebang around your musical interests if you want, Tom and Leila did. They wanted a Spanish Fiesta so, for their outdoor wedding with bright mismatched colour scheme, they choose to have a traditional Flamenco dancer, singer and guitarist who provided the perfect mix of passion and flair.

Similarly, George and Harriet embraced their passion for music and basically staged their own bonkers festival in place of a traditional reception. We are talking bands, welly boots and overnight camping!

If you have hit the wedding planning brick wall, and you’re not sure which direction to go down for your theme or décor, your musical interests could provide some inspiration to get your thoughts off the ground again. You don’t have to turn your wedding into Glatonbury, it can be as simple or as all encompassing as you like.

The Finale

A final thought. If you are stuck for wedding favours, this idea could literally be music to your ears. It’s really easy and very cost effective to create your guests a mix-tape (or CD as it would probably be now, but tape sounds so much better). You could base the mix tape on your favourite songs or a selection from your wedding playlist.

With a bit of D.I.Y skill you can make your mix CD favours look pretty presentable. And if you personalise each one you have your table name cards sorted too.

If you haven’t seen my D.I.Y tutorial on how to make these with a single sheet of A4 paper, then check it out. And yes – these were made for the (currently) imaginary wedding of Adam and Kylie… I have held on to them though, just in case…

Big “I should be so Lucky” Love,