Giving your Bridesmaids a gift to say thank you on the morning of your wedding is a lovely way to show how much you appreciate their help. The present doesn't have to be extravagant; it just needs to be thoughtful and personal to ensure that each lady feels special. So today we thought it would be fun to share our favourite Bridesmaids memories. We're reminiscing about the fun times spent crafting. Those excitable dress hunting moments. And the things that our Bridesmaids did to help with our big days that made all the difference to us. We've also got lots of gift inspiration from PANDORA, whose jewellery makes the perfect present for a Bridesmaid. They offer something to suit every style and even have a Gift Finder page on their website which will help you find a gift guaranteed to make your friend smile.


When it came to choosing my bridesmaids I never doubted it would be my two sisters. The two people who probably know me best. All my little foibles and traits. They were therefore the two that would know exactly how to be the best bridesmaids they could be. I may have been slightly wrong on that count. Instead of helping with crafting and making my older sister disappeared off to Glastonbury the weekend before the wedding. In truth she had a good excuse in that my husband to be had done the same!!! My younger sister decided to break her toe a few days before resulting in emergency shoe shopping. And on the day itself both took it on themselves to drink the bar dry. I say this all in jest...they were in fact everything I would want my bridesmaids to be. What they did do was know when I needed help with planning and when I was quite happy to potter along by myself. They came dress shopping with me and gave me their honest opinions. Our whole day was relaxed and informal so I didn’t need the formalities of bridesmaids duties. What I did need was my two sisters to keep the fun going. To ensure everyone, me included, was having a good time and to be the life and soul of the party. Most importantly they were there with me on the most important day of my life. The one’s I walked excitedly in to the church with and who stood behind me as I left as a Mrs. Oh, and as you would expect, they arranged one amazing hen do!


My girls were always on hand for a bit of wedmin. Our biggest task was ironing, folding, cutting, threading name tags through & then tying ribbons to our personalised napkin favours. I would have been there for days if we didn’t have the perfect production line going. I kept them well fuelled during our gatherings with food & wine and they kept me sane and made everything super fun. The lovely memories and giggles we shared during those meetings will stay with me forever and I can’t thank them enough, not only for the help but most definitely for the good times we shared.


They were totally there for me on the day. Yes the hen do was epic (and totally well planned out which I know can be hard to do when planning a hen do abroad), the enthusiasm around trying dresses on was great but what was the best was how Queen-like they made me feel on the day. Helping me get dressed, topping up my lippy, assisting me without hesitation in getting to the loo. All those small things made the day even better.


My sister Hannah and I are extremely close so there was never any doubt that we would be each others bridesmaids. Being a BM is such a huge honour and responsibility anyway so I think it was with a mix of shock, nervousness and excitement that my sister accepted my request to take on the role of Wedding Celebrant too. We held a short legal ceremony before the guests arrived and then Hannah later led our poignant ceremony and pronounced us husband and wife. I don’t think I’ll ever come close to being able to describe how thankful I was to her for giving us a ceremony that had such meaning to us. As well as being so attentive in the run up (organising an epic hen do) and on the day (making sure my glass was always topped up and my nose was always powdered) I know she had to overcome a crippling bout of nerves to stand in front of a hundred people but she was incredible and entirely focused on giving me the day she felt I deserved. What a legend!

PANDORA Jewellery

If you're searching for the perfect gift for your Bridesmaids, try the PANDORA Gift Finder. It asks you three simple questions about the person you're shopping for and then presents you with a range of gorgeous options. For example, a beautiful pair of Timeless Elegance earrings, which would be treasured and worn for future special occasions too. Or a pair of PANDORA Birthstone earrings which would unite your girls look, while still being personal. PANDORA also offer a great range of necklaces too, so if the necklines of your Bridesmaid's dresses call for jewellery, why not gift your girls the dainty Luminous Hearts necklace, which is crafted from two tiny hearts - one gold and one made from Mother of Pearl. It's a very pretty piece. If you'd really like to treat your girls - the Petals of Love Necklace as featured in the images above is a stunning piece of jewellery and would look fabulous with an elegant Bridesmaid's dress. PANDORA also have a lovely line of rings too, I'm really drawn to the floral ones as they look so pretty on. The Dazzling Daisy and Shimmering Bouquet ring are both gorgeous options. And the best thing is that these rings are stackable, meaning that if your ladies want to treat themselves or each other to more PANDORA jewellery in the future, the rings will sit perfect together.

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Written by Fern Godfrey

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