The Dreys Wedding Venue with Curry & Pizza Street Food Vans and Belle & Bunty Wedding Dress and Needle & Thread Top by Harry Michael Photography Pin Image

The Dreys Wedding Venue with Curry & Pizza Street Food Vans

BUDGET £20 – 22.5K

Remember the hottest day of the year last year? (I know it’s hard to with storm Ciara currently sweeping across Britain) Well, that’s when Bijal & Jay got married at The Dreys wedding venue in Kent. They were fully prepared with street food vans and Ice-cream bikes and enjoyed every minute of their informal day. They partied hard with friends DJing and enjoyed a late-night fireworks display, all whilst looking fierce and just being themselves.


“38 degree heat!!!!! followed by 35mph winds followed by a downpour! What made a lot of the day unique was our personal touches. I made a lot of the things myself, such as the guest book, the photo booth area and the wooden signs that were all personalised to specific areas of the wedding. Jay AND I also made our own favours which went down a treat with our late-night pizza van. We also wanted to create a very relaxed atmosphere with very few formalities and I think this made the whole day very unique and very true to us. We wanted a summer garden party vibe wedding and I think we achieved that, especially with the hottest day on record in this country!” – Bijal & Jay

The Dreys Wedding Venue

The vibe of Bijal & Jay’s celebration was very much a relaxed garden party at The Dreys wedding venue in Kent. They wanted all of their guests to have fun and not be ushered around by formalities, so they ensured every aspect was free-flowing, including, having a BBQ wedding breakfast and curry and pizza street food vans. They decorated the venue with an incredible floral arch, milk churn floral arrangements and brown bottle centrepieces, all of which were full of the prettiest king proteas, foliage and pampas grass stems.


“We knew that we wanted local suppliers and then it was mainly doing a google search of what was available. Our main food was a BBQ and then we had some Indian street food along with some ice-cream (which went down a treat in the heat!) We were not disappointed at all with the food, the iBBQ team exceeded our expectations and hands down the most delicious BBQ food we’ve ever had, and all of our guests agreed! We also had a late-night pizza van that went down a treat, the guys were super flexible and made delicious pizza whilst the fireworks were going on, this continued our garden party/festival vibe. With regards to the other suppliers, we wanted a photographer who would document our day and really understand our casual vibe, and Harry was the perfect man for that! We found him on Instagram and he has produced the most beautiful photos for us, they bring back all the emotions of the day every time we look through them. Victoria, she did my hair and I’ve known her for over a year now, I first met her at my cousin’s wedding and she did my hair then and I loved it, so she was my only choice for my hair on my wedding day – she is fabulous!” – Bijal & Jay

Bijal followed the floral theme of this Summer wedding by popping on a delicate needle & thread top over her minimalist wedding dress in the evening and looks like one of the happiest brides to grace our pages. Just as we discuss in our bridal accessories podcast, don’t be afraid to personality to your wedding outfit.

Photography by Harry Michael Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children and pet dog.

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