The latest collection from Halfpenny London is designer Kate's most diverse yet, just looking through beautiful gown after beautiful gown you can see influences from almost every era and every aspect of nature. But while there's something in this collection for every bride, Kate's distinct, inimitable style is clear to see throughout - every gown is Halfpenny through and through. I feel like this collection is the older sister of Kate's previous collection, Standing In Stardust. Slightly more classic, slightly more worldly and with a little more sophistication than the collection inspired by the 70s New York club scene (which in a word - was effervescent). This collection on the other hand, is inspired by an English country garden and the verdant glow that follows the rain. It's evocative, elegant and stylish and if you love a splash of botanical thrown into your British bridal design, then you're going to love The Garden After The Rain...
The Garden After The Rain | Halfpenny London
"Constantly delighted and inspired by constructal law and the incredible shapes, patterns and vibrancy found in nature, Kate Halfpenny's exquisite new collection, The Garden After The Rain, invokes memories of fresh, crisp scented air, lush greenery and delicate, dewy blossoms. Heavily inspired by her lifetime love affair with botanicals, the new wedding dresses and bridal separates feature delicate floral laces, hand crafted cross stitched blooms and palm appliqué alongside graphic honeycomb, elegant silks and fringed flourishes. With The Garden After The Rain, expertly tailored clean lines sit alongside unexpected twists on classic silhouettes as Kate boldly continues to blue the line between fashion ad bridal wear with astonishing, striking pieces for the modern bride." So many of our gorgeous real brides wear Kate's designs because they are stylish and contemporary but have their roots in traditional tailoring, so they are truly flattering and comfortable to wear. If you're looking for a wedding dress designer who will provide you with the most exciting journey from start to finish, then you must visit Kate's London atelier and see for yourself, it's like stepping into your fairy godmother's sewing room. And while your dress will make you feel like a princess, it'll be every bit as fashion forward as something you'd covet from the catwalk.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bridalwear : Halfpenny London
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