A beautifully historic backdrop provided by The Grange Hampshire for this relaxed and romantic day. Having grown up near this beautiful venue, Sophie & Hugh wanted to use local suppliers. Their flowers were provided by Hortus Poeticus, a sustainable floral duo, and their food was catered by Becka Cooper. Their Civil Ceremony included songs from The Beatles and Frankie Valli. Not only that, the Order Of The Day held instructions for the percussion instruments left on the guests chairs… now that, we would have loved to have seen! We absolutely adore the rustic reception backdrop, complete with pastel florals and green vines making their way up the walls - so beautiful! With Decor & Hire from Recommended Supplier, Virginia's Vintage Hire, and photography from Recommended Supplier, Steph Newton Photography, you simply can't go wrong.

The Grange Hampshire wedding venue 

We had the dance floor open 7 hours - I’m so happy I changed into something more comfortable. It was a last minute decision and made our first dance much easier too!



“Relaxed Gatsby”! The Grange is grand on the outside but charmingly dilapidated on the inside. We wanted to mirror this in the vibe of the day by combining traditional ‘fancy’ cues with more lowkey elements. Such as; champagne coupes, smart suits and cocktail dresses, coupled with sharing platters, floral decorations that seemed to take over the walls, and cheesy quesadillas on the dance floor at midnight. Overall though, the most important thing for us was that guests were happy, well-fed and at ease.


Agh, so difficult! Having compared notes with my husband, it has to be the chorus of the Frankie Valli song. It was the second song in the ceremony and our nerves had steadied enough to realise what was happening. We were getting married in front of the people we loved most, most of whom we hadn’t even seen since we got engaged because of Covid. They were all screaming “I LOVE YOU BABY” at the top of their lungs and shaking their maracas and tambourines at us. It was the best moment ever.

When rustic meets luxury, it’s always a winner.

Everyone tells you to “do it your way” - which is good advice, but not actually that helpful when you are starting from scratch. What we found more useful was thinking really deliberately about all the traditions that exist. Then working out which ones were important to us and which ones we wanted to replace with something else. For example; rather than having a traditional 3 course meal, we ate like we would if we were having friends for dinner. Dips and nibbles to start, overindulgent mains, and espresso martinis to perk everyone up at the end!

Sophie & Hugh

The Grange Hampshire truly offers everything you need in a venue if you’re looking to make your mark on a space! Finding your wedding venue can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! And if you’re after that gorgeous rustic vibe Sophie & Hugh have nailed, don’t miss our rustic inspiration, complete with plenty of ideas. 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: The Grange Hampshire | Jazz Band: The Échappée Trio | DJ: Ollie Norman | Florist: Hortus Poeticus | Catering: Becka Cooper | Cocktails: Black Lines | Wine: Majestic Wines, Smashing Wines | Cheese Tower: The Cheese Shed | Hair Stylist : Zoe Sharman | Bridal Gown & Reception Gown: Vagabond Bridal | Bridal Boutique: Heart A Flutter Bridal | Earrings: Soru Jewellery | Grooms Suit: New Tailor | Shoes: Dune | Decor & Hire: Virginia's Vintage Hire

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