If you've never fed cake to hundreds of people before, it can be really confusing trying to work out exactly how much you need to feed your guests. Whether you're ordering a cake from the supermarket, or having one made for you by a fabulous cake maker, no one wants to have too much or even worse, too little. Here's a guide to help you work out just how much cake you need to buy or order. But remember, whether it's two tiers, ten tiers, bright and bold, or soft and pastel, covered in icing or stripped back to show off the squishy sponge, the most important thing is that it tastes delicious.


Cake Tastings, Transport & Storage


All good bakers will offer you a tasting, sometimes this will be charged for, sometimes not, but if you place an order this will usually be taken off the full price of your cake.

Would having your cake frozen be an issue for you? Some bakers will freeze their sponges, others don't - it's a personal preference for suppliers and for couples, so make sure you ask how far in advance your cake will be baked and whether it will be frozen or not.

In most cases, the baker is happy to transport the cake to your venue, but make sure you check their mileage requirements and factor this into your budget. Often they will need time to assemble the cake at the venue, so make sure to ask the venue to allow them early access if required. Transporting a tiered cake can be difficult - the bakers are accustomed to it and know the best way to do it. If you are at all concerned, ask them how they will be transporting the cake and what time it will be delivered. As mentioned above, multi-tiered cakes and heavily detailed cakes will usually be assembled at the venue, perhaps assign an usher or a bridesmaid to greet the baker and make sure the cake is looking as you expect.

If you are keen to find a trusted cake designer for your wedding day then have a look at our Recommended Suppliers. 

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