Whether you ask family and friends to contribute to a ‘Bake Off’ table or commission a fabulously creative baker to create the cake of your dreams - serving people cake on the wedding day is a tradition that isn’t going anywhere. We have a host of wedding cake ideas to feast your eyes on, but also some helpful advice about fillings and flavours. Whilst it's important for your wedding cake to look spectacular, it's even more important that it tastes better than it looks. And to decide on that, you need all the information (and cake tastings) you can get. 


All The Wedding Cake Ideas


Iced wedding Cake IDEAS

Cakes covered in icing can be classed as a traditional option. However, creative cake designers are showing us that traditional definitely does not mean plain and have reinvented the iced cake with hand-illustrated florals, embellishments in sugar work, ruffled icing and a multitude of colours. There are pretty much no limits on what you can do with icing now. And not all iced cakes have to conceal a fruit cake - there are lighter options for icing that allows even the most delicate of sponge to be wrapped now. Iced cakes are also one of the more structured cakes you can choose for transporting. 


Naked wedding Cake IDEAS

We know the love for a naked cake is strong - our most liked Instagram pictures of all time are of cakes, and often those of the naked variety! For those of you who are new to the wedding world, a naked cake is simply a cake without icing to cover the sides - so those fluffy layers of sponge, oozing berry red jam and decadent buttermilk cream are on show for everyone. Generally, a sprinkling of icing sugar and some fresh blooms or fruit to adorn it are enough to make the layers of sponge look wedding-worthy. For a more dressed up version of the naked cake, opt for the ‘semi-naked’ cake. A thin layer of buttercream is added for a sheer, frosted look. Perfect if you’re a big fan of the traditional Victoria sponge taste, but you want that finishing touch. This is perhaps the easiest of cakes to DIY if you were thinking of baking your cake yourself - you can find our naked cake recipe here

Semi Naked Wedding Cake IDEAS

The semi naked wedding cake (along with the naked wedding cake) is a trend of cake that seems here to stay. This cake gives you a lovely neat finish but allows you to actually see what is inside. It's very delicate and pretty, perfect for a rustic-luxe wedding with laidback vibes.

Vegan Wedding Cake IDEAS


And don't forget if any of your guests have dietary requirements or are vegans, then we can recommend some highly skilled bakers who create vegan wedding cakes every bit as delicious as their dairy-filled counterparts. In fact, in most cases, you'd be hard-pushed to tell the difference! Visit our Recommended Suppliers to find bakers who can cater to dietary requirements.

Buttercream Wedding Cake IDEAS

It's soft, it's delicious and the finish is so inviting. Buttercream can actually be manipulated beautifully to create all sorts of finishes, from rough to smooth, the texture it creates is stunning. For summer weddings, extra care will need to be taken with buttercream cakes, but your cake maker will be able to advise on when to remove from the fridge - or they will deliver to you and set the cake up in the best spot for it to last perfectly all day.

Illustrated wedding cake IDEAS

Sometimes the most intricate and striking wedding cakes are those with hand or printed illustrations. Not all decoration needs to be three-dimensional to be impressive. These elegant and unique cakes are fast becoming a favourite for many couples. 

architectural wedding cake IDEAS

Wedding cakes have always been an architectural wonder - especially when we're talking about multiple tiers. But the structure and decor of these cakes have been designed to push the boundaries and very concepts of what a wedding cake should look like. And we're absolutely here for it. 


And then sometimes you just want your wedding cake to look like a very simple and elegant wedding cake. Make no mistake, these minimal cakes are certainly not easy to create, but they are both striking and beautiful in their simplicity. They are almost too perfect to eat. But let's be honest, no cake is too perfect to stop a hoard of sugar hungry wedding guests from eating. 

We've linked a ton of cake-related articles below if that wasn't enough sugary inspiration for you. And of course, you could always have a look at our wedding cake ideas Pinterest board if you're not satiated after that. If you need any help bringing your inspiration to life, then stop by our Recommended Suppliers for some very talented cake designers in your area.

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